Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker for €27.63 at Amazon

Are you looking for a speaker for the garden, the park or the lake for this summer? You can get the Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker right now at Amazon for a good price of around €28. The small Bluetooth speaker is still my recommendation in the price range of less than 30€!

  • Waterproof thanks to IPX7
  • New version with Bluetooth 5
  • USB-C charging
  • Best speaker under 30€

The Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth speaker won us over with its very good Amazon rating  (4.6 out of 5.0 stars) made curious in meanwhile 2,782 reviews. Recently it has become pretty quiet about Bluetooth speakers from China, after the JKR KR – 1000 and the Tronsmart T6 no product could really convince. You can find out how the Tribit XSound Go performs in the test here!

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review, Specs & Price

  • Technical specifications
SurnameTribit XSound Go
driver2 x 6 watts
connectivityBluetooth 4.2, AUX
battery capacity4400mAh
Weight380 grams
IP protection classIPX7

Tribit XSound Go 2020 Upgrade

The new version looks exactly like its predecessor, but has some hardware innovations. The Tribit XSound Go (finally) said goodbye to micro-USB and can now finally be charged via USB-C.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

In addition, Tribit has given the small speaker a new Bluetooth 5 module. This now also enables a TWS mode in which two Tribit XSound Go 2020 can be coupled to form a stereo pair.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit also wants the speaker to have a sound upgrade. Instead of two 6 watts, two 8 watt speakers should now be installed. In the comparison tests, however, I could only make out a very marginal difference in sound. The older version is really a touch more voluminous, while the highs of the new version are a bit clearer. Overall, however, negligible, I still like the sound quite a lot!

Packaging And Scope Of Delivery

The Tribit XSound Go arrived within two working days thanks to fast shipping via Amazon. The packaging of the Bluetooth speaker is in the eye-catching “JBL Orange” and unfortunately has a dent, but the speaker was not damaged.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

The accessories are quite limited, only a micro-USB charging cable, a user manual in German and English and the speaker itself are included. Unfortunately, an AUX cable is not included. Too bad, this is actually part of the standard.

Processing & design

The XSound Go Bluetooth speaker is  unusually heavy for its dimensions of only 170 x 59 x 56 mm at 380 g. One notices immediately that the technology was installed in the most space-saving way possible. The processing and material quality leaves nothing to be desired. The rubberized plastic case makes a stable impression and the buttons have a comfortable pressure point.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

In order to obtain the IP certification IPX7, the housing is largely closed and the connections are hidden behind a thick rubber cap. There are four small rubber feet on the underside, which give the Tribit XSound Go a non-slip stand and absorb vibrations.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

At first glance, the design reminds me a little of the Beats Pill, but overall it is unique. The speaker is only available in black, so almost everyone can somehow arrange themselves with it, but a slightly larger selection would have made me quite positive.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
The XSound Go compared to the JKR KR – 1000

Tribit has immortalized its own logo in dark gray on the thin metal grid that protects the drivers from damage. Due to the subtle color I find this acceptable and it doesn’t bother me. All in all, I am positively surprised, everything is right with this loudspeaker, at least on the outside, and I also like the size. He finds a small place in almost every bag, no matter how full – very good!

Sound of the Tribit XSound Go

The Bluetooth speaker is equipped with 2 x 6 watt drivers, which have a diameter of around 40 mm. In between is the additional passive radiator, which is intended to provide a rich bass tone. The manufacturer’s picture shows that there is a pressure chamber behind or between the drivers, which causes the passive radiator to vibrate.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
The passive radiator is about 60 mm wide and 40 mm high / Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

The sound of the Tribit XSound Go surprised me positively during the tests! In relation to the small size of the speaker, the sound is pretty good in my opinion. This is mainly due to the fact that the speaker also shows a solid performance in the low-frequency range, which is rather the exception for this size.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
The XSound Go in a sound comparison with T6 and KR – 1000

Compared to the JKR KR – 1000 and also the Tronsmart T6, the treble of the Tribit XSound Go is a bit more high-resolution and detailed, which I like. The significantly smaller speaker can only keep up to a limited extent in the midrange and bass range. Here the larger models simply offer a better stage and a more voluminous sound.

However, the two larger speakers tend to overdrive in the bass range more than the XSound Go. The hardware of the small speaker seems to regulate well here in order to achieve the best possible sound at any volume.

In relation to other speakers of its size, such as the Xiaomi Soundbox 2, the bass is remarkable and I enjoy listening to music with it. If a compact design is important to you, the Tribit XSound Go is a good compromise between size and sound quality.

Bluetooth range and connections

The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and offers a good range. In the test, you have a stable Bluetooth connection within a room, without dropouts or background noise. The connection remained stable over a distance of around nine meters in an open area, and there were isolated dropouts beyond that. Overall, the range is as expected, there is nothing to complain about.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to Bluetooth, the Tribit XSound Go can also be used via a jack plug. The AUX port is on the back behind a thick rubber cap, along with the micro-USB charging port. As already mentioned, no AUX cable is included in the scope of delivery, this must be purchased separately.


There are a total of five control buttons on the top of the speaker. To prevent water from getting in through the buttons, they are covered in rubber, as is the rest of the case.

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

Functions Of The Buttons

Buttonpress oncepress twicepress 3x
On offTurn on turn off
BluetoothActivate Bluetooth pairing
play/pauseplay/pausenext titleprevious title
volume upvolume up

Battery Pack

The battery of the Tribit XSound Go has a capacity of 4400 mAh, as much as the JKR KR – 1000. During testing, the battery delivered a surprisingly long battery life. While the JKR runs out of juice after just 4-5 hours of listening to music, the XSound Go’s battery lasted around 22 hours in the test.

According to the manufacturer, up to 24 hours should even be possible, but this also depends on the music volume and the audio input used (auxiliary or Bluetooth). The reloading process, on the other hand, takes about 3.5 hours, quite long but okay in relation to the playback time.

IPX7 protection: is the XSound Go sealed?

With the IPX7 certification, the Tribit XSound Go should be protected against the ingress of water during temporary immersion. In the test, it survived a 30-minute water bath without any consequential damage. Even the music continued without interruption, very good!

tribit xsound go bluetooth speakerPin
Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker

So if the speaker ends up in a pool or lake, it probably won’t hurt him. It is also practical that the speaker floats on the water surface and does not sink by itself.


For the price of ~30€ you can’t go wrong here in my opinion, the price-performance ratio is right. I like the Tribit XSound Go, it has a wide frequency range for its size. Especially in the low frequency range, it performs surprisingly well compared to other speakers of its size, such as the Xiaomi Soundbox 2, and convinces with a solid bass that does not overdrive.

If you compare it with the JKR KR – 1000 or the Tronsmart T6, you can already hear that their sound is a bit more voluminous due to the larger housing. But that’s not meant to be a criticism of the Tribit XSound Go. On the other hand, it is even a bit more high-resolution than the JKR and Tronsmart speaker.

The processing and the design of the small speaker is right, in my opinion there is nothing to complain about here. Although we are actually always cautious with Amazon ratings (keyword: ” fake ratings “), the rating reflects this (4.6 out of 5.0 stars) in 2872 reviews definitely reflect my opinion on the speaker. Due to the large number of reviews, these should also be real in the case of the Tribit XSound Go. Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker review video below:

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