KTC M27T20 monitor review: Mini LED & Quantum Dot for €449

You can currently get the mini LED monitor from KTC M27T20 at Geekbuying for €449. To do this, you must redeem the voucher NNNFRSOLDEM27T in the shopping cart. Shipping is from the EU warehouse.

Voucher: NNNFRSOLDEM27T / KTC M27T20 Highlights:

  • Bright and colorful display
  • High resolution & 165 Hz refresh rate
  • KVM-Switch

The KTC M27T20 is packed with modern technology. Not only do you get Mini LED and Quantum Dot here, but you also get a fast 165 Hz refresh rate and a powered USB-C port.

KTC M27T20 Monitor Review, Specs & Price

  • Specifications of the KTC M27T20 Gaming Monitor
Product numberM27T20
Displaydiagonale27 inches
Display-TypWHAT with Mini LED & Quantum Dot
resolutionWQHD 2560 x 1400 Pixel
refresh rate165Hz
Contrast4000:1 (SDR); 1000000:1 (HDR)
brightnessSDR: 500 cd/m²; HDR: 1000 cd/m²
connections2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DP 1.4, 1x audio, DC IN, 3x USB 3.0 (hub input & 2 ports), 1x USB-C with 90W PD

Scope Of Delivery

In the scope of delivery of the M27T20 we find two different connection cablesthe power pack and a short manual. An HDMI and a DisplayPort are included, but unfortunately not a USB-C cable.

KTC M27T20Pin
KTC M27T20

The power plug is provided with a European Schuko plug and ends in an external power supply unit with a non-heating device plug. From there, a cable leads into the monitor, which ends in a barrel connector.

Design & Processing

On the front we find a typical monitor. The KTC logo is on the bottom of the chin, otherwise the design is reserved. If you switch to the back, you get some LED lighting and angled shapes. The LED lighting can be switched in color and a breathing effect can also be selected; but if you don’t feel like it, you can simply switch it off.

KTC M27T20Pin
The monitor is also robust and of high quality. / KTC M27T20

Stand & Bracket

There are two options for mounting the monitor. The included stand can be easily clicked in and is adjustable in height, angle, inclination and orientation. There is a hole in the base where cables can be routed to the connections.

KTC M27T20Pin
Another option is to use a VESA mount. The corresponding screw holes for a 100 x 100 bracket are located on the back. / KTC M27T20 Review


The connection variety of the KTC M27T20 is large. There are three ways to connect devices to the monitor. In addition to the two HDMI 2.0 ports, there is also a DisplayPort 1.4 and a USB-C port with 90W PD. The DisplayPort and Type-C connection can exploit the full 165 Hz. There is also a headphone jack and a USB hub. This is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports and can be used using a USB-B 3.0 port or the USB-C port. The monitor also acts as a KVM switch.

KTC M27T20Pin
KTC M27T20 Review

In combination with a notebook and a USB-C cable, you have a very simple setup that only requires one cable and you save on a hub. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X now also support 1440p, which is why the monitor can be used in a variety of ways.

Image Quality & Features

KTC brings up an impressive package of technology here. The panel is an HVA panel , which is what TCL calls its VA technology. This has a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and achieves a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz. At the same time, it also offers a brightness of typically 350 cd/m², which you can get up to 500 cd/m² in SDR mode . In HDR mode, up to 1000 cd/m² are possible, which means that the monitor is HDR1000 certified and can therefore also display HDR content.

KTC M27T20Pin
KTC M27T20 Review

The monitor features Quantum Dot technology and uses mini-LED for backlighting. This creates 576 zones for local dimming. It is AMD FreeSync Premium certified and G-Sync compatible. It is not possible to use Local Dimming and FreeSync/G-Sync at the same time. There appears to be a firmware patch coming out that will allow this, but could be accompanied by flickering. So far, however, there has been no proper announcement or timeframe for it.

Practical İmpression

The KTC M27T20 displays content very well and provides the wow factor. Colors are strong and black is very dark. You could almost think you have an OLED model here. If you look closely, you can still see at the edges that the 576 zone lighting is not completely perfect here either. This saves you the annoying burn-in problems of OLED devices. At the same time, it reacts very quickly and the 165 Hz ensure gaming fun.

KTC M27T20Pin
KTC M27T20 Review

In SDR mode, slight banding can be seen on bright surfaces that meet dark content. This was actually only noticeable in the test, with regular content you had to search. A bit of halo effects are also noticeable, but still within an acceptable range.

Overall, the monitor simply makes a very good impression and you really get picture quality here.

Operation & Screen Menu

KTC gets plus points for using a small joystick on the back to control the on-screen menu. There are minus points for the controls themselves. Although you can control intuitively with the joystick, a confirmation is not a click on the joystick, but a click to the right. Complaining at a high level, but since you go into the menu quite often to change settings, not quite as optimal, but probably a matter of getting used to it.

KTC M27T20Pin
KTC M27T20 Review

You can change numerous settings in the menu. On the one hand, color profiles and options are available here, but they are completely deactivated in HDR mode. HDR can either be activated automatically or activated explicitly in the menu. The way the KVM switch behaves can be adjusted automatically or limited to either the USB-C or USB-B connection.

KTC M27T20Pin
KTC M27T20 Review

You can also switch the variable refresh rate or local dimming on or off here. If you don’t like the LED lighting on the back, you can also switch it off here or change the color.

On the joystick, you can customize the hotkeys for up, left, and right click. So you can change the connection there, but also the Game Assist function or local dimming setting. Game Assist consists of overlays such as an FPS meter, various crosshairs and a timer.

Available languages ​​are English, Spanish, French and several languages ​​from Asia. It is possible to update the firmware of the monitor via the USB ports.


From the data sheet, the monitor could shine with a few promises. In practice, it fulfills these and delivers a really very good overall package. What you get here is a bright, colorful display with a high refresh rate. There is also a large number of connections and a practical KVM switch.

If you work from home with your work notebook and then want to get started after work, you don’t have to laboriously change your input devices here. It is a pity that FreeSync/G-Sync cannot be used with local dimming. A firmware update may come here, but you should not rely on it.


  • Bright and colorful display
  • High resolution & 165 Hz refresh rate
  • KVM switch
  • USB-C with 90W PD
  • HDR


  • Local Dimming & FreeSync/G-Sync not possible at the same time

The monitor costs just under €500. Not an entry-level monitor, but not a high-end model either. There isn’t really a comparable model for the price on the German market at the moment, the larger Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 costs twice as much and models without the Quantum Dot are still more expensive. Therefore, I can only recommend the KTC if you are looking for an HDR-capable gaming monitor, which at the same time might even pass as a purchase for the home office. KTC M27T20 Review video below:

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