Cooling down at work: Mini USB table fan for €9.89 at Amazon

Mini USB table fan review, specs & price: It’s going to be hot for the next few days, now it’s time to cool off in the office. There is currently a mini USB fan for €9.89 on Amazon ! Although it looks slightly different than the SMARTDEVIL tested here, it is basically the same fan.

Humid heat in the office or at work in the attic apartment makes the already tiring everyday work even more strenuous. Now that it’s getting really warm again, a small fan like the SMARTDEVIL can make things a lot more pleasant.

Mini USB table fan review, specs & price:

The small table fan is only 12.5 x 12.5 cm in size and doesn’t take up much space. In three different colors, everyone should find one that suits them. If in doubt, at least the white fan fits in most office furnishings. The inner part with the actual fan can be rotated freely in the frame and is only restricted here by the cable. So it doesn’t matter whether you want to direct the airflow directly to the front or diagonally upwards.

Speaking of the cable: at 1.15 m, it is pleasantly long. Other USB fans have to be placed close to the actual connection, there is a bit of leeway here. The color of the cable is also matched to the rotor blades, rounding off the overall impression of the fan.

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Mini USB table fan review, specs & price:

There are three strength levels that can be cycled through with the button on the back. A simple press switches on the fan at the first level, a second and third press increases the strength. If you press the button again, the motor switches off. The manufacturer describes the three levels with wind speeds of 3.9, 4.9 and 5.9 m/s. Even the lowest level ensures a noticeably pleasant cool wind; if you like it, just shift higher.

The volume is also important. At least at the lowest level, the SMARTDEVIL fan is still suitable for the office. He purrs quietly to himself and doesn’t bother. At the higher levels it depends on the tolerance of your colleagues. In a not entirely quiet atmosphere, for example when music is playing or you are alone, levels two and three are not too loud either.


The fan does exactly what it’s supposed to: it blows air at you and provides refreshment when it’s hot. It is pleasantly quiet and also looks good. Sure, it’s a very seasonal gadget, but a real relief in summer. The price is also perfectly fine for this. In the editorial office, we were very grateful for the three models in the last, sometimes hot and humid, days in the office.

For other small fans, whether with cable, battery or even for mobile phones, have a look here. Mini USB table fan review, specs & price video below:

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