BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 Mini Dishwasher | Deal: Midea ST 5.31 mini dishwasher (similar model) for €231.78 at Amazon

BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 Review, Specs & Price: The Midea ST 5.31 Mini dishwasher, which is very similar to the BlitzWolf model presented here, is available from Amazon for €231.78. So let’s go on a glamping holiday!

At a glance:

  • 6L water consumption (via water tank in the device or water connection), space for a maximum of 20 items
  • 42.01 x 43.51 x 46.51 cm, 17 kg
  • Touch operation, automatic door opening, interior lighting, start delay
  • app connection

If there’s one thing in the house that I absolutely dislike, it’s the washing up. Unfortunately, as a person living alone with a miniature kitchen, you cannot avoid the tiresome task. But finally, after what felt like months of begging for test devices (on my part), I was finally able to test the BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 mini dishwasher. And the best thing is, it doesn’t even need a water connection. You May İnterested: BlitzWolf BW V2

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BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

Blitzwolf Bw-cdw1 Review, Specs & Price

  • Technical specifications
modelBlitzWolf BW-CDW1
programsStandard (69 mins), Quick (29 mins), Strong (89 mins), ECO (59 mins), Fruit Washing (19 mins)
Approximate capacity20 parts
Water consumption (default)5 liters
water temperature75°C
consumption900W, 220V-240V
extrasDry mode (60 min.), Wifi
apartmentBlitzwolf app ( Android , iOS ) or the Tuya app ( Android , iOS )

Scope Of Delivery

The dishwasher comes in a surprisingly small box, easy to carry alone for short distances and not incredibly heavy. The box contains the dishwasher, a short cold water and drain hose, a plastic basket, a jug and the instructions, well packed.

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BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

As already mentioned in the introduction, the BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 mini dishwasher does not need a water connection, but can use it. If this is not possible, the required water can be poured into the top of the dishwasher using the jug. Then all you need is a bucket or a nearby sink for the drain.

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The cover can simply be twisted off. / BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

Capacity of the dishwasher is 5 liters, which is really easy to fill by hand.

The BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 mini dishwasher

What can I say, I love this dishwasher. On the one hand, I (almost) no longer have to carry out this caustic activity, we will come to the exceptions, on the other hand, the BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 mini dishwasher is so small that it easily fits into my more than tiny kitchen. If you know my other articles, you may have already read about the tiny cardboard box I live in. Thankfully, the Chinese don’t usually live that much larger, so here are some space-saving gadgets, tips, and tricks from the land of the rising sun.

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Maike’s tower, at least not crooked. / BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

The dishwasher is 51 x 48 x 52 cm and weighs 12 kilos. This means it fits perfectly on my small fridge, for example. But the dishwasher can also easily find its place on a normal worktop.

What modes does the dishwasher offer?

The dishwasher has different modes for washing dishes: Standard, Quick, Strong, ECO and Fruit Washing. Actually not that different from a normal dishwasher, except for washing the fruit (do you really use that?). In the course of the test, I noticed that the quick mode, with almost clean dishes, and the ECO mode, with somewhat coarser dirt, work best for me.

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The selection options on the display are simple and clear. / BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

I simply select the modes at the top of the display and press the start button. If I also want the dishes to be properly dried afterwards, I can also switch on the dry function, which basically “blows” the dishes for a few more minutes. The hot air escapes on the right side, so there should be enough clearance to other things.

How do I supply the mini dishwasher with water?

The cold water hose is attached directly to the sink, even though I had to get a slightly longer hose. In the same sink is the nicely long waste water hose, which can also be secured with a suction cup. So I don’t really have to worry about anything else after switching it on.

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The hoses don’t bother me because I don’t really have to do the dishes anymore anyway. But of course you can make it much nicer.

How does the mini washing machine clean?

According to the instructions and the dishwasher door, you can use 8 grams of dishwashing liquid. Since I had no idea how to get exactly 8 grams with dishwasher tabs, I just took all the tabs and threw them in as usual. These work perfectly and I haven’t had any problems. It would probably be smarter and possibly easier to buy the powder directly, but I had the tabs at home.

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Alternatively, tabs also work. / BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

Inside the dishwasher itself, which is kindly lit from the inside, is a dish rack on wheels that, like the larger version, can be pulled out and “hooked” for easier loading and unloading. There are holders for all kinds of crockery, a small cutlery basket that can be moved to a limited extent, and a small raised shelf for, for example, larger cutlery, small bowls or smaller coffee cups.

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I removed the cover of the cutlery basket later because it took too long for me. / BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

So definitely enough for me as an individual. Only larger objects than plates are problematic. My plates are very borderline in size and only fit into the chamber at an angle. Too straight and they will block the upper spray arm. Unfortunately, this also means that my pan or larger saucepans do not fit in the dishwasher with other large items.

But that’s not a problem for me personally, because firstly I don’t cook so much that I absolutely need it and secondly I’m just glad that all the other stuff that fits in doesn’t have to be washed up. I don’t die from a frying pan or saucepan to manual washing up. You shouldn’t put coated pans in the dishwasher anyway. Of course I did it anyway, just to show how much space it takes and how well the machine washes.

The leftover cake was cleaned really well and the pan only has a few water spots. The washing performance of the small SpüMa can definitely keep up with a large dishwasher.

It is recommended, also according to the instructions, to remove coarse soiling from the dishes. There is also a filter inside the dishwasher to catch coarser dirt. This can be easily removed and then rinsed under hot water.

blitzwolf bw-cdw1Pin
The removable filter. / BlitzWolf BW-CDW1

Overall, I am more than satisfied with the washing performance of the mini dishwasher. I don’t know if it’s also because I didn’t have huge hopes for a mini dishwasher and didn’t have too high expectations. The most important thing for me was that it could also be used without a water connection (I didn’t know about the Maike Tower back then ) and a small size, since I don’t have any space on the floor or on a work surface.

Mini dishwasher with app control

It wouldn’t be a China gadget if you couldn’t operate it via an app. In the case of the BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 mini dishwasher, you can either use the Blitzwolf app ( AndroidiOS ) or the Tuya app ( AndroidiOS ). Unfortunately, turning on the WLAN is described more badly than right in the instructions. After endless unsuccessful attempts, we reached out to Banggood and they were kind enough to send us a video of the connection process. The trick is to press the Dry button while the dishwasher is off but powered on.

Once connected, a very minimalistic app awaits us. Simply kept in black and white, only the necessary functions, no extra frills, I like it.

I don’t think you have to waste a lot of words about it here. You select your program, have already filled in the detergent of your choice and can then start the rinsing process via the app. But, if I’m honest, I don’t use the app at all and I don’t really see the point of it. But of course it is always practical to have the possibilities. Here it is probably more about being able to start the dishwasher on the go after work or something similar.

For me, however, it can also run well in terms of volume while I am in the apartment. I’m lucky enough to have a separate kitchen, but even with the door open, the dishwasher isn’t too loud for watching TV or listening to music or working in the home office.

Is the BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 mini dishwasher worth it?

You’ve probably noticed, I might have mentioned it once or twice in the article, but I’m not averse to this dishwasher. Especially since I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time: small, light, with the option to work without a water connection and still deliver neatly clean dishes.

In terms of price, there are already cheaper mini dishwashers, but not with all the functions. For what the BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 mini dishwasher offers, the price is really more than fair. Of course, this only applies if you have these special requirements. But if you are looking for a mini dishwasher, you will definitely find it here.

How do you see it, do you share my enthusiasm or are you more of the faction “If you can’t afford a real kitchen, you have to wash by hand”? BlitzWolf BW-CDW1 video below:

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