Osotek Robot Vacuum: S11 cordless vacuum cleaner with very strong suction power & hair cutting for €175.99

Osotek Robot Vacuum: Very strong suction power with 33,000 pa , a brush that cuts hair and sucks it in directly, that’s what the OSOTEK S11 offers . There is also a chic display and the manufacturer is actually more experienced than you think.

Osotek Robot Vacuum

  • OSOSTEK S11 Rollclean cordless vacuum cleaner
    • at Amazon for €175.99 | Amazon for €219.99
  • Accessories & spare parts
    • power adapter
      • at Amazon for €19.99
  • OSOTEK is a sub-brand of Shunzao

OSOTEK has been on Amazon for some time and they already have two mop battery vacuum cleaners in their portfolio. Behind it is the Chinese brand Shunzao, whose cordless vacuum cleaner we have already tested here and are very impressed with the devices. Xiaomi also sees it that way and in the future there will also be Shunzao Xiaomi models in addition to Dreame as a supplier.

Similarities to previous models

Osotek Robot Vacuum: Already when comparing the Shunzao Z11 Max and Z15 Pro, we could see that it was more the details that changed between the models. If you look at the Shunzao Z15 and the OSOTEK S11 side by side, you will see clear similarities.

On the one hand, blue accent elements are added here, but the switch position for setting the suction power is again like that of the Shunzao Z11 Max.

osotek robot vacuumPin
Left: Shunzao Z15, Right: Shunzao Z11 Max

Very strong suction power for carpets

The most important thing is how a handheld vacuum cleans. For this purpose, a strong suction power of 33,000 pa is used . The Z11 Max and Z15 models we tested have “only” 26,000 and 30,000 pa suction power. With the OSOTEK S11 you probably get a little more power now.

osotek robot vacuumPin
Osotek Robot Vacuum

There’s also another brush, which appears to be made out of hard plastic and has bristles on it. This could make carpet cleaning even better and the high suction power should be more than sufficient for hard floors anyway.

Automatic hair cutting saves time

The cutting of the hair on the brush is almost a unique selling point at Shunzao and Osotek. If you have people with longer hair or pets with fur, they can wrap themselves around the roller of the cordless vacuum cleaner. With conventional models, you then have to laboriously cut them up and remove them yourself. With an integrated cutting you are spared, which is why many do not want to do without this function.

osotek robot vacuumPin
Osotek Robot Vacuum

A screen on the cordless vacuum cleaner is now almost standard. Here you can see the current suction power and the battery status. Just below the display is a button to unlock the dust chamber, with which you can easily dispose of the dirt by holding the vacuum cleaner over the garbage can and then opening the chamber.

osotek robot vacuumPin
Osotek Robot Vacuum

Various attachments for cleaning

Accessories should not be missing either, as alternative attachments for the cordless vacuum cleaner there are three options. There is a smaller motorized brush for the sofa or bed, a nozzle brush that can also be used to clean tables, for example, and a crevice nozzle that can also get into tight corners. A wall mount is also included.

osotek robot vacuumPin
Osotek Robot Vacuum

The battery life is given as up to 60 minutes. The measurements were taken in ECO mode, the lowest suction level. Experience has shown that the highest suction level takes around 10 minutes. You only need the highest suction level for carpets that are particularly dirty.

No information is given about the battery capacity and a replacement battery is currently not available for purchase. But you can have some hope, since a previous OSOTEK model has a replacement battery and the manufacturer also sells a replacement power supply, for example. But until the spare battery doesn’t appear, we can only hope for it.

Assessment: Exciting model with an interesting price

Shunzao makes really good devices and our first impressions with the European sub-brand OSOTEK are also positive so far. I was also able to try out the OSOTEK S11 at the IFA 2022 and the short first impression reminded me a lot of the previous models, which were sold in China. I expect this to be a good vacuum for carpets and hard floors and the hair cutting is handy anyway.

However, we can only say for sure how well the cordless vacuum cleaner performs after a test. Currently available from Amazon for €220, you get a very interesting model and with Amazon you also have another contact person should there be unexpected problems. Osotek Robot Vacuum video below.

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