UGREEN PowerRoam 1200 – power station with 1024WH and 1200W for €739.99 | Prime Day offer

The UGREEN PowerRoam 1200 is a typical power station “for on the go”, which can be easily transported with its compact format and carrying handle. On Prime Day there is another discount on the mobile battery at Amazon. In the run-up, we tried out the PowerRoam 1200 ourselves. You can read our impressions here.

UGREEN PowerRoam

  • UGREEN PowerRoam 1200
    • at Amazon for €739.99 (activate Prime Day offer & €60 voucher)
  • UGREEN Power Roam 600
    • at Amazon for €499 (Prime Day offer)

UGREEN PowerRoam is one of the brands best known for through Amazon. When looking for a wide variety of articles in the field of charging electronics, you will come across the name again and again, whether it is USB cables, power banks or even larger power stations.

Manufacturer | ModelUGREEN | Power Roam 1200
battery typeLiFePO4 (>3000 charging cycles)
Performance1200W (2500 with U-Turbo)
connections2x 240V socket (pure sine wave) | 2x USB-A (22.5W) | 2x USB-C (100W) | 2x DC5521
AC inputAC200-240V at 10A max, 2400W

Design And Processing

With its size and capacity, the power station is somewhere in the lower midfield in terms of size and weight. It weighs 11.5 kg and is still easy to transport thanks to the firmly attached carrying handle. Larger models sometimes have wheels and an extendable handle, but we don’t find either of these here. The dimensions are 34 x 22 x 27 cm ; this is still comparatively compact, even if the handle gets in the way when stowed away.

UGREEN PowerRoamPin
UGREEN PowerRoam

UGREEN PowerRoam: On the front there is a display that shows information about the charge level and the input and output power. The approximate remaining time is also indicated during charging. I find the display to be comparatively bright and easy to read in most situations.

Several small icons indicate, for example, the energy-saving mode or an active Bluetooth or WLAN connection. This is all explained in the instructions, which are available in several languages (also in German).

UGREEN PowerRoamPin
UGREEN PowerRoam

As is often the case with power stations, there is also a bright LED on the front . This can light up in two brightness levels or alternatively flash quickly or in the SOS rhythm.


The UGREEN power station has two socket connections. These are ordinary 230V AC pure sine wave sockets ; all devices with the appropriate mains plug can be connected here. Both sockets are provided with silicone covers. The maximum power of these sockets is 1200 watts. That’s enough for a refrigerator (50-200 watts) or tools such as a drill (up to 1000 watts). Entertainment devices such as loudspeakers, televisions or projectors are also possible.

UGREEN PowerRoamPin
UGREEN PowerRoam

But the sockets are not the only connections. On the front there are also two USB ports with up to 22.5 watts each , as well as two USB-C ports with up to 100 watts each , which can then also be used to charge fast-charging smartphones or laptops. Next to it also sits a “ car charging port ”; familiar from the cigarette lighter and there are two DC5521 DC-Chrome connectors.

UGREEN PowerRoamPin
UGREEN PowerRoam

Durable battery for many purposes

LifePO4 batteries , which were developed together with BYD, are used as storage. According to UGREEN, they have a long service life of 3,000 charging cycles until they are only at 80% capacity. Even then, the power station can still be used. If the information is correct and nothing else happens to the device, then you will be able to use it for more than 10 years. UGREEN offers a guarantee of at least 5 years on the batteries.

Charging the battery with about 1000 watts from the socket takes about 1.5 hours, which we can also confirm. This means that the memory is full again quickly if you want to take it with you for a short time. How long you can then use the power station depends of course on the customer. I was able to run the fridge in our office for about half a day, and a small cool box lasted longer. With a drill you work about an hour.

There are a few conceivable usage scenarios for the power station. In my test environment, an office, it is admittedly quite superfluous. But as mentioned, I can run a fridge with it, or even better, even a cool box if you spend a summer day in the park or somewhere else outdoors. A power station is also useful for manual work if there is no socket available, for example in a very large garden.

Camping holidays are mentioned most frequently ; you can also see happy people in front of their caravans with the UGREEN power station on most of the advertising images. In addition to the cool box for drinks and grilled food, there are also loudspeakers or many small devices that you can charge over and over again for days, such as camping lights or simply your smartphone. There is enough energy for a few days.

UGREEN PowerRoamPin
This is how UGREEN imagines camping holidays with the power station.

Everyone at a glance with the app

There is also an app from UGREEN for monitoring and extended operation of the power station. The app with the simple name “UGREEN” is available for both Android and iOS . Here the power station can be connected via Bluetooth and integrated into the home network via WiFi.

UGREEN PowerRoamPin
UGREEN PowerRoam

Within the app you are then first shown what can also be seen on the display: the battery level and the current consumption. Here, a distinction is also made between the individual connection types and at least for the USB outputs also according to each individual port. The AC and DC outputs will display the common output power.

In addition to smaller settings such as button tones and display brightness, you can also set a child lock , which locks all buttons on the device itself and limits control to the app.

UGREEN PowerRoamPin
UGREEN PowerRoam

Practical power station

The power station does exactly what it promises, reliably delivers electricity with the promised performance and also offers a very pleasant user interface via the app. That’s pretty much what I want from a battery like this. The use cases are of course limited, that’s for sure. The PowerRoam is used for camping, where it is practical, and for handicrafts. Last weekend I put another 30 meters of extension cable for the hedge trimmer, which eventually reached its limits; a power station is easier to handle.

UGREEN mainly sells its own products on Amazon. On Prime Day, there is an additional discount for the PowerRoam 1200, resulting in a price of €739.99. But you don’t go wrong here and if you are looking for a 1000W power station, you will make a good choice here.

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