5 Tips For First Time Disney World Guests -2024!

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5 Tips For First Time Disney World Guests

50 Tips For First Time Disney World Guests: Are you planning to book a holiday so you can be happier than you’ve ever been in your life? Of course, Disney World is one of the best options for this! Walt Disney World, Florida; We can say that this is the place where dreams can come true.

There are people who have been going to Walt Disney World every year for many years. However, going from some areas by car means traveling a very long distance. Therefore, the first thing we can say is that you should move to Disney Theme Parks if possible. In this article, we move on to topics on “5 Tips For First Time Disney World Guests“.

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5 Tips For First Time Disney World Guests -2024!

1) Plan Ahead of Time

You can’t see and explore everything at Walt Disney World in one visit. Contrary to what many people think, Walt Disney World is quite large. In this place, which corresponds to an area of 25,000 acres, there are 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and 24 Disney-themed hotels. For this, if you go with a plan and preparation in advance, you can have fun. For example, what do you want to see most? Decide on this. Of course, when making your decision, consider the decisions of your children and your spouse/or friends.

Of course, there are some social media posts and books written by experienced authors that can help you plan! I also recommend you to take a look at the beautiful Disney themed blogs. I also recommend you to read ‘The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2018‘.

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Cheap Entrance Ticket

2) Cheap Entrance Ticket

You should read the cheap ticket section of our First Time Disney World Guests topic in detail. Seasoned Walt Disney World veterans recommend the basic multi-day Disney Theme Park Pass over the Park-Hopper option. Park-Hopping gives you the opportunity to go from one Disney Park to another on the same day. The basic Disney Pass means you spend less money.

Of course, we cannot ignore the opportunity to save time. Depending on different seasonal times and various hours, going from one Disney Park to another can be a waste of your time. You’ll know when you use the free Disney Transportation System. You may consider transferring by monorail, boat or bus. During peak season, your waiting time may exceed 30-60 minutes.

Afterwards, you will queue again to pass through the security check before moving to the new Disney Park. If you’re a Florida resident, Disney offers specially priced annual passes for locals. The Disney Weekday Select Annual Pass helps you save money.

3) Definitely Make Meal Reservations in Advance

Whether or not you’ve upgraded your vacation package to the Disney Dining Plan, reservations are essential. Many first-time visitors mistakenly think they can go to any restaurant they want because they switched to the Dining Plan. But it doesn’t happen as expected. In any case, you need to make a reservation. Disney accepts dining reservations up to an average of 180 days in advance.

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First Time Disney World Guests / Use Disney’s Free FastPass+ System

4) Use Disney’s Free FastPass+ System

We are in the 4th place in our 5 Tips For First Time Disney World Guests topic. FastPass+ is another issue that will save you time on vacation. This is also an easy thing to do from home up to a full 2 months before your trip! You can conveniently access FastPass+ through the ‘My Disney Experience App‘ or online through My Disney Experience.

The choices you make are stored on your MagicBand. You can use the MagicBand by swiping it towards an RFID reader located at the FastPass entrance of the event you choose. These things used to be a little more difficult. Now all you have to do is swipe it to enter Disney Theme Parks and swipe it again to enter FastPass+ attractions.

Disney had already announced long ago that it was launching a new pilot program that would allow select Disney guests to purchase additional FastPass+ options for $50 per day. This has to be one of the best options on the list of 5 Tips For First Time Disney World Guests.

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50 Tips For First Time Disney World Guests / Disney PhotoPass

5) Disney PhotoPass Photographers Will Take Pictures For Free

Surprises continue at full speed for First Time Disney World Guests. PhotoPass Photographers are strategically placed throughout Walt Disney World Theme Parks in front of icons and other photogenic sights. It is a known fact that Disney Photographers take photos for free; But payment is required to download and print them! For example, the Memory Maker Photo Bundle is priced at $199, or $169 upfront. So these are the current prices for 2024.

However, PhotoPass Photographers can take your photo with your own camera or mobile phone free of charge. We have come to the end of our First Time Disney World Guests topic. You can write your thoughts in the comments.

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