Haylou X1 Pro Review 2023 Half In-Ear Headphones: AirPods 3 Clone for Under $20

Haylou X1 Pro Review: With the Haylou X1 2023 half in-ear headphones, the manufacturer is launching an optical Apple AirPods 3 clone for less than €20.

Haylou X1 Pro Review

  • Design: Another Apple AirPods 3 clone

The Haylou X1 2023 is available in blue, black and a white version. The latter is inevitably reminiscent of Apple AirPods 3, which are also white. Haylou advertises a 60° in-ear angle, which means that the headphones are ergonomically designed so that they sit firmly and securely in the ear canal – similar to the AirPods 3.

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Haylou X1 Pro Review:

Haylou certifies the X1 2023 with IPX4, which means that they are splash-proof and also suitable for sports. While the headphones themselves are quite similar to the AirPods, the difference in the charging case is bigger. This is oval in shape and has an LED ring around the USB-C port, which not only looks chic, but also provides information about the charge status thanks to the different colors.

Technical components

The Haylou X1 Pro 2023 are equipped with a dynamic driver with a membrane diameter of 12 mm . Typical for half in-ear headphones, the membranes here are larger than average. How the headphones ultimately sound depends heavily on the fit in the ear and is probably slightly different for everyone.

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Haylou X1 Pro Review:

Haylou implements a total of three touch gestures so that can;

  • Title paused/resumed
  • Answered/ended calls
  • Next/Previous track selected
  • calls rejected
  • game mode

to be activated. Game mode, as always, is a lower latency connection mode at the expense of sound quality. The Haylou X1 2023 are also integrated into the Haylou Sound App , but with a very limited range of functions. Only the equalizer can be customized here and any software updates can be installed. The battery level of the handset can also be viewed.

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Haylou X1 Pro Review:

The headphones are equipped with a current Bluetooth 5.3 module , but unfortunately only support the AAC and SBC standard codecs. Another, high-resolution codec is not implemented. The runtime sounds okay, at least on paper. A 35 mAh battery is installed in each of the handsets , plus a 300 mAh battery in the charging box. According to the manufacturer, the headphones should play up to 5.5 hours of music per charging cycle and up to 24 hours together with the charging box Average values ​​that will no longer inspire me in 2023.


The Haylou X1 2023 half in-ear headphones are not the first low-budget AirPods 3 clone. Xiaomi has also launched similar headphones at a similar price with the Redmi Buds 4 Lite . However, there was some criticism in our comment section about a poor Bluetooth connection and touch surfaces that were too small.

To what extent the Haylou X1 2023 are a better alternative will probably only be shown in a practical test. In the past, however, Haylou has already proven that they can offer solid headphones even in such a low price range.

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