UWANT X100 mop battery vacuum cleaner with two rollers for €158.89 from the EU

The cleaning performance with the UWANT X100 is really good. You can currently get it at Geekbuying for €158.89 with the voucher: 11ANNIHO3 & shipping from the EU.

Voucher: 11ANNIHO3 & shipping from the EU / Highlights of the UWANT X100:

  • Good cleaning
  • hair cutting

After the UWANT spot cleaner, the manufacturer is back with a real mop battery vacuum cleaner. Two rollers ensure easy handling of the UWANT X100 and the charging station can free the roller of tangled hair. Is the model worth it?

UWANT X100 Review, Specs & Price

  • UWANT X100
    • at Geekbuying for €158.89 (voucher: 11ANNIHO3 | EU warehouse) | Geekmaxi for 178€ (Coupon: KGBJ9ZSJ )
  • Technical data of the UWANT X100
suction powernot specified
wipe functionVacuum and mop at the same time
volumemin 75dB default / 80dB max
battery pack4000mAh x 8
suction levelsThree, Standard, Smart & Turbo
working hoursup to 40 minutes (depending on soiling)
water tankFresh water: 600 ml Dirty water: 600 ml
CE markYes


The battery-powered vacuum cleaner from UWANT is well made and appears stable. But you also have to mention here that it is once again a model in which many components do not really look high quality. Of course, it is more important that the materials are of high quality and do not break quickly.

Display & Voice Prompt

UWANT can also count itself among the elite club of those who have understood how to rotate a display. If the X100 is in the charging station, you can see the current charge level from the front . If you then take out the mop battery sucker, the display rotates and you can read it correctly while wiping.

The button starts the self-cleaning.

It is a simple digital display that can show the battery level, suction level and error messages. Simple but functional. In addition, there is the voice announcement, which gives you high-volume announcements about the current suction mode or the status of the self-cleaning. In contrast to other models, however, it is not possible to switch them off here. Stupid for all those who bother about it.

mop battery vacuum cleaner

Cleaning with the UWANT X100

Before cleaning, the water tank must be filled up. This is located at the top on the back and holds 600 ml of water . According to the instructions and promotional material, there is a cleaning fluid for this. We didn’t have any in the package, but they are included in the version that can now be bought. You can also order new bottles on the manufacturer’s website. However, the X100 also works well with water or water and another cleaner . Here, however, it must be said that only the manufacturer’s own cleaner is recommended and other products could damage the UWANT.

vacuum cleaner

The cleaning power of the UWANT X100 is really good. Coarse dirt is reliably sucked in and the dirt is scrubbed off the floor. It can also deal with stubborn stains, although you have to go over it several times depending on how dirty it is. The edge cleaning is not quite ideal, as it includes the rollers on the side and you cannot get to the edge. In order to clean them, you have to approach the edge from the front and move the wiper battery vacuum cleaner sideways. Due to the construction and the weight, this unfortunately only works with difficulty. There is certainly room for improvement in a sequel.

mop battery vacuum cleaner

There are three cleaning modes for the UWANT X100. Firstly, the smart function , where a built-in sensor detects how much power is currently being used. Basically, this works well, but if there are stubborn stains, you can switch to turbo mode , where it releases full power. However, this is absolutely oversized for everyday cleaning, which is why the smart mode is probably used most of the time.

The standard mode is then pretty self-explanatory and, in my opinion, also unnecessary. In smart mode, you are already in “standard mode” most of the time, only when more power is needed, it switches up. When cleaning in standard mode without many increases in performance, the UWANT X100 should achieve a runtime of up to 50 minutes. In our test, it was up to 40 minutes in smart mode.

Start button & mode change

What I didn’t like so much during cleaning was the volume. With 75 dB in standard mode and 80 dB in turbo mode, it gets pretty loud. Likewise during self-cleaning, where it is between 75 db and 80 db – and that for over 3 minutes.


The X100 scores points when it comes to handling, as it glides over the floor with its two rollers. It is most similar to the Roborock Dyad, which also has two reels and creates this effect. But here it is even more present and the UWANT X100 can even stand on its own, without an extendable stand. This makes cleaning almost fun and it feels a little like the stick in air hockey. Handling is only clouded when cleaning the edges, since you have to move the wiper battery vacuum cleaner sideways and it doesn’t help much here.

After cleaning

Mop battery vacuum cleaners are generally more labor intensive after use than their relatives that work without water. First you should start the self-cleaning, where the mop battery vacuum cleaner flushes its rollers and hoses with fresh water. At the same time, a small knife moves past the roller in the station to free it from hair that has been wound up.


Then the waste water tank should be emptied, where the waste water and the solid components collect. Since there is no hot air drying here, you should remove the rollers and dry them on the corresponding devices of the charging station. They do not dry properly in the device itself and can develop odors over a long period of time.

UWANT X100 Review

Conclusion: Good cleaning performance, not exactly cheap

The UWANT X100 is a good battery-powered vacuum cleaner that is easy to control thanks to its two rollers. It cleans the floor reliably and can even deal with dried stains. Only the edge cleaning has not been solved too elegantly and the optics could also be given a higher quality look.

It is currently available for around €450, making it one of the more expensive battery-powered vacuum cleaners that we have tested. At least when it comes to cleaning, it can justify that, but it’s not perfect in all respects. Of course, it doesn’t stop with the entry-level price and with good offers it becomes even more interesting.

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