ACGAM electric height adjustable desk base for $229.00 from EU

Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base: Relieve your back in the home office? No problem with the ACGAM ET225E Height Adjustable Electric Desk Base at Geekbuying for €182.25. Pay for it with PayPal or credit card and use the voucher NNNAff11th199. With another payment method you end up with 191.60€, also a good price!

  • Coupon: NNNAff11th199, EU warehouse
  • At a glance:
  • without table top 
  • height adjustable from 64 to 130cm
  • 3 height positions can be saved

Okay, so maybe the ACGAM ET225E isn’t a desk yet, but a desk base as it doesn’t come with a table top. Especially in times of the home office, I, the owner and user of this desk base from ACGAM, would not want to do without the height adjustability anymore. It’s just a welcome change from sitting a lot, keeps me personally more alert and efficient, and probably also physically healthier in the long term. So it was time to build another desk base from the Chinese manufacturer.

Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base Review, & Specs Price

  • ACGAM ET225E Electrically Adjustable Desk Base (Without Table Top)
    • at Geekbuying for €182.25 (coupon: NNNAff11th199 | €9.35 extra discount with PayPal/credit card payment | EU warehouse) | otherwise €191.60
  • ACGAM ET225E electrically adjustable desk base + ACGAM table top (various colours)
  • Construction of the desk base

The product page states that the entire frame can be assembled in 10 minutes . Took me about 25 minutes, but would allow 10 minutes due to my lack of talent in assembling furniture and such. A test from me is also an idiot test here. I mean, if I can get the construct up and running, anyone can do it.

electric height adjustable deskPin
Apart from the table top, everything you need to set up a height-adjustable table is included.

In fact, unpacking takes about as long as assembly. The assembly instructions arrived in a disastrous condition, but they are very helpful, detailed and, above all, easy to understand.

electric height adjustable deskPin
The assembly instructions are heavily crumpled, but the content is at IKEA level.

The individual small tools and screws are also provided with letters, which means that there are no misunderstandings between the different sized screw types.

electric height adjustable deskPin
So even I know which screws to use and when. / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

But the manual was the only thing that didn’t make it from Geekmaxi’s DE warehouse to us in Leverkusen unscathed. Everything is carefully and safely packed. But you can feel sorry for the parcel carrier, the whole thing can hardly be lifted.

electric height adjustable deskPin
Everything is stored neatly and safely in the package. / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

As with the construction of my first ACGAM desk frame, I am positively surprised by the quality of the materials, although a little less than the first time. Before I ordered my current “E-table” based on the configuration at that time, I was in a few furniture shops and can say: The significantly cheaper China-AGCAM table frames are in no way inferior to those in the German and Swedish furniture stores.

electric height adjustable deskPin
Without having the tabletop, everything bolts together with an Allen key.
electric height adjustable deskPin
The width is variably adjustable – depending on how much space the table should take up.
electric height adjustable deskPin
Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

Can be set up in 10 minutes

As already mentioned, setting up the frame is not a big deal and is done quickly. Here are a few intermediate results so you know what to expect.

electric height adjustable deskPin
The sturdy steel frame
electric height adjustable deskPin
ABS plastic foam feet ensure a secure footing.
electric height adjustable deskPin
Oh, there’s the electronics! / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

When the frame is standing (or it is still lying on its back), the electronics still have to be wired together. What goes where is pretty clear.

electric height adjustable deskPin
The two motors mounted on the side have to be supplied with electricity.
electric height adjustable deskPin
To do this, you have to connect everything together in the middle.
electric height adjustable deskPin
Even without instructions, it is easy to see what needs to be plugged in where.
electric height adjustable deskPin
This is used to adjust the height. / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

In order to attach, hide or stow away the electronics in a stylish manner, you would need a table top, which is not included in the scope of delivery. But you can also order them in four possible colors directly from Geekmaxi. It is nice that the frame is apparently an EU version, as it can be operated with an EU charging cable.

electric height adjustable deskPin
And before you know it, the whole thing is already in place. / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

Some (steel) frame data

The product designation “ET225E” is bulkier than the device itself. In the middle, you can set the width between 120 and 180 cm by removing and reinserting screws. Three-stage telescopic legs allow a minimum height of 64 cm and a maximum height of 130 cm. The LED display with controls serves as a height adjustment control and allows you to save three height settings and an auto-lock function (at which height the adjustment process should be stopped).

electric height adjustable deskPin
The control for changing the height / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

If the rack encounters an obstacle while raising or lowering, the process is automatically aborted. The device is also protected against power overloads by automatically switching off. So that you can understand the speed and volume (48 dB according to the sound level meter) of booting up, here is the process from bottom to top in video form:

The operating volume is the same as that of my ACGAM desk at home and shouldn’t be too loud for colleagues who are not too sensitive to noise. Colleagues should be able to survive the few times you move the table if you want to use the table in the office. Otherwise, just challenge them to a round of limbo:

electric height adjustable deskPin
How low can you go? I can barely manage the 1.30 m maximum height. / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

The steel frame carries a maximum weight of up to 125 kg. All in all, the ACGAM rig is very similar to the one I use at home. ACGAM isn’t trying too much new here, but that’s not a bad thing either, as I continue to be very happy with my ACGAM table. The height change control is a bit more solid, here you have two rotating, motorized rollers and does without the rotating bar in the middle, has 15 cm more in height if you want – but otherwise everything very similar.

electric height adjustable deskPin
Tim at another ACGAM in the home office / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base

In combination with a walking pad, you can work accordingly while walking. Suffice to say, typing on a keyboard while walking takes practice. Standing is enough for me.

electric height adjustable deskPin
If you want, you can also buy a walking pad. / Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base


From my point of view, the ACGAM desk frame meets all the requirements that one can have of a desk of this type: inexpensive, well made, good material quality, easy to set up and does what it is supposed to. If I didn’t already have an ACGAM table at home, I would go to the hardware store and buy the right table top.

Sayings like “whoever buys cheaply, buys twice” or “only junk comes from China” simply don’t apply here. Was also surprising for me when I saw the first height-adjustable table – which I’m standing at while I’m writing this report – but you have to be able to appreciate it. Anyone looking for a height-adjustable table will get my clear purchase recommendation for this model. How about you: Do any of you already work standing up? Electric Height Adjustable Desk Base review video below:

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