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This rare Grumman Albatross Hu 16 for Sale is on sale for just $1M. The “Grumman HU 16 Albatros Aircraft Boat” is the dream of many Americans, especially. Grumman Albatross For Sale. These extraordinarily beautiful flying boats are all about taste and robustness. Let’s also say that the ‘Grumman Albatross‘ is built from a very solid aluminum material.

Some of the marine equipment of these very popular flying boats are as follows; Raymarine components (echometer, anemometer, autopilot, plotter, compass) Navionic charts, Navtex, active AIS, VHF radio. Of course there is more available.

Grumman Albatross Hu 16 For Sale

Grumman Albatross HU-16 for Sale, also referred to as the SA-16 or UF-1, is a versatile amphibious boat aircraft that many know and admire. It is a certain fact that it was developed by the American aircraft manufacturer Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation. Albatross went down in history as one of the protagonists of various search and rescue missions. It also had an important place in various military and civilian applications such as maritime patrol and transportation.

Development of the Grumman Albatross for sale began in the late 1940s in response to the US Navy’s need for a long-range, all-weather amphibious aircraft capable of search and rescue operations. Grumman’s design team built a popular aircraft combining the qualities of a seaplane and a flying boat. The Grumman Albatross HU 16 For Sale is known for having a high wing design, twin radial engines and an awesome hull design that allows it to land on water or land.

One of the impressive features of the Grumman Albatross for sale is its ability to move both on land and in water. The aircraft’s retractable landing gear plays an important role in landing on conventional runways or water surfaces.

Equipped with two powerful radial engines, the Wright R-1820 Cyclone, the Grumman Albatross HU 16 For Sale has a long range and durability. It can fly comfortably and cover great distances for long periods of time.

Grumman Albatross For Sale played a pivotal role in search and rescue operations and gained a reputation as a lifeguard. Its spacious cabin can accommodate a significant number of passengers or survivors, making it an ideal platform for air-sea rescue missions. His ability to land on water allowed him to quickly reach distant places.

Grumman Albatross Boats Review and Specs

Model Year:1961
Manufacturer:Nelson Yacht Services Ltd

It was built by highly professional hands. Grumman Albatros G-111 Flying Boat is one of the most beautiful and robust marine vehicles ever. Upon your intense request, we have put up for sale the best flying Albatross Boat for you. Since these boats, which have been used as yacht tenders in America and the Caribbean for more than 10 years, are commercially looked after, you also have the opportunity to rent them as a plane with or without a yacht!. Albatross is a beauty that can make you reach your dreams.

Used Grumman Albatross for sale

If you are looking for a seaplane that is beautiful, versatile and sturdy, a Grumman Albatros for sale is a smart choice. A popular classic and solidly built, this aircraft was designed with the sole aim of satisfying its buyer. Let us remind you that it took its place in history as one of the best airplanes ever produced. It also has a very useful kitchen, which you can hardly find in a house, comfortable sleeping areas, a shower and a luxurious bathroom. It has been restored to civilian standards and is fully equipped with 100-110 volt APUs, central heating and air conditioning.

The US Army used the Grumman Albatros as an anti-submarine warship, but the United States Air Force soon acquired the aircraft for use in search and rescue missions. The aircraft’s design was redesigned to suit this new mission in 1950, and the Albatros was used to rescue crashed aircrew in Korea. He also conducted many offshore rescue operations and, when necessary, lowered them into rivers to rescue pilots.

The Grumman Albatross is considered one of the most familiar and beloved aircraft in the USA and is available for sale as a completely refurbished aircraft. The HU-16A was originally designed as an anti-submarine aircraft, but was refurbished by the company in the 1980s for use as a search and rescue aircraft. The first Albatross was delivered to the USA in July 1949. Its first operational use was in Korea in 1950. Thus, he rescued aircrews that fell into the open sea, descended into rivers, and rescued more than 1,000 United Nations personnel during the Korean conflict..

Used Grumman G-111 Albatross

The United States Air Force and again the US Coast Guard bought the aircraft after the Air Force and subsequently sold it to more than 20 foreign countries. Chile, Germany and Australia are a few of them. Apart from the US Navy and Coast Guard, this Aircraft has also been sold to the UK Ministry of Defense. As you can see, these planes have a legendary history. These rare planes are now on sale as the perfect opportunity to travel the world. The interior of the GRUMMAN HU 16 ALBATROSS is very similar to Grumman Boats’ G-111 models.

Grumman hu 16 albatross remained in very small numbers. It was built for flight training and has a crew of six. His crew of 6 consisted of a pilot, a navigator, a radio operator and two observers. Because it was bought by the US Navy, the US Coast Guard and 21 foreign governments.

Hull Material:Aluminum
Beam:96 ft 8 in
Max Draft:3 ft 7 in
Engine Make:Wright Cyclone
Engine Model:1820-82C
Cruising Speed:277.0
Length Overall:64 ft
Number Of Engines:2
Max Bridge Clearance:25 ft 10 in

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