PT Boats For Sale $1.1M Owner Dropped Price, WW2 Used PT Boats 2023

PT Boats For Sale $1M Owner Lowered Price – WW2 Torpedo PT Boats – 2023 let’s examine the ad together.. Let’s also take a look at Used Ww2 Pt (Patrol Torpedo) Boats Review & Specs.

I’m sure you’ve heard about these boats. Who would not want to buy such valuable and deep-seated vessels? Even if you don’t buy it, you’re sure to be curious. Yes, I used to be very curious too. Until I wrote this article. So, we have learned quite a few things that we present to you. Anyway, without further ado, let’s move on to Used Ww2 Pt Boats For Sale Near Me.

PT Boats For Sale $1M Owner Lowered Price – WW2 Torpedo PT Boats – 2023

PT boats for sale, It is rare for aluminum PT boat as Torpedo Boats which continues to exist today. The 1938 United States Navy PT, which has been restored and adapted to Coast Guard Standards, is a durable boat that was originally used in the US fleet for a period of time.

It was renewed for personal use after its noble history. Also, the PT Boat speed is nearly 66 knots. Ww2 pt boat interior, ww2 pt boat size and speed, and us navy ww2 pt boats general content continues.

PT Boats For Sale $1M Owner Lowered Price – WW2 Torpedo PT Boats – 2023-Amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of US Naval history! This boat is fully original, partially restored and completely renovated.

It is a 1938 US Navy Patrol Torpedo Boat (PT-8). The “PT-8” is the only aluminum PT boat ever built and is one of only a handful of PT boats left afloat today. These fully operational PT BOATS have been fully restored by their current owners and made to Coast Guard Standards.

Wwii PT Boats For Sale

We will soon see one of the rare boats walking on blue waters. These ancient Us Navy Patrol Torpedo Boats, which have never lost their value, have been restored again. You are in the right place for WWII Pt Boats for sale ads. Pictures are below. The ad number is at the bottom.

PT Boats Boats Review and Specs

PT Boats Boats Review and Specs are below:

  • Year: 1938
  • Manufacturer: Jac Yachts
  • Price: US$1,100,000

These PT Boats for Sale were built in 1938 to a very large length. Awesome boats that cruise at 20 knots and can reach speeds of over 30 knots! The original torpedo guns, depth charges, machine guns and rocket launchers have been removed by the US Navy.

You will love this boat, which is completely ready for battle. If you buy this boat, you also buy a piece of American Naval history. Let us also remind you that “PT-8” has a great historical background! There are also boat shows and exhibitions in museums.

A recent valuation completed in July 2009 shows it’s worth $1.2 million, and we’re honored to share this valuation with serious buyers. Ww2 pt boat interior, ww2 pt boat size and speed, and us navy ww2 pt boats general content continues.

Used Abandoned PT Boat For Sale

Used Abandoned PT Boat For Sale: If you are considering purchasing PT boats, you should check out this 1938 Us Navy PT boat for sale. This World War II battleship has been restored to meet recognized Coast Guard standards and is perfect for enthusiasts.

PT 728 was a Patrol Torpedo boat (PT boat for sale) that served in the United States Navy during World War II. The boat is one of the PT boats used in coastal defense and anti-submarine warfare in the Pacific.

PT Boats For Sale is a masterpiece manufactured by Higgins Industries in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was sent towards the end of the war in June 1945. It was powered by three Packard Marine V12 engines. This masterpiece is famous for having a top speed of approximately 40 knots (46 miles per hour). Her hull is armed with four 21-inch torpedoes, two twin 50-caliber machine guns and a 20 mm Oerlikon cannon.

Unlike other PT Boats for Sale, PT 728, II. It did not fight in any battles during World War II. However, after the war ended, it had the honor of being used for educational purposes in the United States. PT 728 was decommissioned in 1947 and sold to private individuals.

This Pt Boat For Sale was used by many people before being purchased by a group of volunteers who started a restoration project in 1996. Volunteers, Save the PT Boat Inc. He worked on the boat for more than ten years with the aim of turning it into a floating museum.

PT 728 was later restored to its original condition and set out on its maiden voyage in 2009. If you want to have these Pt Boats for Sale, be sure to call the phone number specified on our page.

Ww2 Pt Boats For Sale

PT boats for sale are offered in a variety of price ranges. The lowest priced PT boat is $39,500 and the highest priced PT model is $3,500,000. Higher performance models have engines that can exceed 450 horsepower, while lower priced, lighter models have 240 horsepower engines.

This charismatic boat has both electric and diesel fuel systems. Some models were even produced as early as 1928. Their lengths range from twenty-five to fifty-three feet. There are also different body types. USA PT Boats For Sale $1M Owner Lowered Price – WW2 Torpedo PT Boats – 2023.

PT Boat History

Patrol Torpedo or PT Boats for sale were one of the attack ships used by the US Navy during World War II. PT boats were first developed by the Elco Naval Division of the Electric Boat Company and Higgins Industries.

Both of these companies produced different models. They were equipped with torpedoes, machine guns and other weapons. PT boats for sale include World War II World War II boats, such as the Battle of Guadalcanal and the Battle of the Philippines. It went down in history as being used in many important naval battles during World War II.

PT Boats for sale are also famous for being fast and maneuverable. These boats were also used for other missions, such as distributing supplies and transporting injured personnel. After World War II, newer and more advanced types of naval ships were built. Therefore, the use of PT Boats for Sale has decreased. However, dozens of Pt Boats are still waiting for their new buyers.

Buying Used PT Boat For Sale Craigslist

There are several options when it comes to purchasing a PT boat for sale. If you’re looking for an old PT, you may want to start with a search on Craigslist. PTs are still popular, and there are numerous refurbished examples available for sale. However, if you are looking for a modern PT, you’ll have to be patient and find the best option. The most desirable PT boats are in the market for a new home.

You can please yourself by purchasing one of the Pt Boats For Sale. These boats are quite rare anyway. Of course, you can also see these boats as a good investment tool. Get these excellent boats to add an extraordinary piece to your collection. At a price of only 1 million 200 thousand dollars. You can buy the PT boat for sale through our page.

Used PT Boats Review & Specs

Used Pt Boats For Sale: The PT-728 is the only surviving Vosper boat.

  • Length: 24.39 meters
  • Width: 6.1 meters
  • Water withdrawal: 1.52 meters
  • Power source: 3 Packard Marine V12 engines
  • Maximum speed: about 40 knots (46 miles per hour)
  • Weapons: 4 21 inch torpedoes, 2 twin .50 caliber machine guns and 1 20 mm Oerlikon cannon
  • Crew: 12-14 people

Hull Material:Aluminum
Beam:16 ft 5 in
Max Draft:3 ft
Engine Make:Detroit
Engine Model:16V-71TI
Fuel Capacity:1500 gal
Length Overall:81 ft
Engine Hours:200
Number Of Engines:2
Max Bridge Clearance:15 to

And here it is, Pictures of Pt Boat

Contact Information used PT boats for sale.

Phone:(888) 800-5370
Fax:(860) 788-6073

Please Add a comment before the calling of PT Boats, we will inform your e-mail address to the owner of the boats. They will reach to you from e-mail or your telephone.

Pt Boat 109

PT-109 was a PT boat 109 of the United States Navy that became famous after its commander, Lieutenant John F. Kennedy, went on to become the 35th President of the United States. Here are some key facts about PT-109:

  1. Construction: Pt Boats For Sale (PT-109) was built by the Elco Naval Division of Electric Boat Company in Bayonne, New Jersey, and was launched in 1942.
  2. Crew: The crew of PT-109 consisted of 12 men, including Lieutenant Kennedy as the commanding officer.
  3. Armament: PT-109 was armed with four torpedoes and a variety of machine guns and cannon.
  4. Service: PT-109 was assigned to the South Pacific theater of operations, where it was primarily used for nighttime patrols and harassment of Japanese supply lines.
  5. Collision: On the night of August 2, 1943, PT-109 was rammed by a Japanese destroyer, Amagiri, and was cut in half. Two crew members were killed in the collision, and the survivors clung to debris in the water.
  6. Rescue: Lieutenant Kennedy led the survivors on a harrowing swim to a nearby island, where they were rescued by friendly islanders.
  7. Legacy: PT-109 and its crew became famous after the incident, and Kennedy’s leadership and heroism during the rescue helped to launch his political career. Today, PT-109 is a popular tourist attraction at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

U.s. Navy Pt Boats

Here are some of the key features and specifications of U.S. Navy PT boats:

  1. Size: PT boats for sale ranged in length from 70 to 80 feet (21 to 24 meters) and had a beam (width) of 20 to 21 feet (6 to 6.4 meters).
  2. Speed: PT boats were designed to be fast, with top speeds ranging from 35 to 50 knots (40 to 58 mph, or 65 to 93 km/h) depending on the model and the conditions.
  3. Armament: PT boats were equipped with a variety of weapons, including torpedoes, machine guns, and cannon. The exact armament varied depending on the mission and the model of the boat.
  4. Crew: PT boats typically had a crew of 12 to 17 men, including officers and enlisted personnel.
  5. Power: PT boats were powered by a variety of engines, including gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel engines. Some boats were even equipped with jet engines.
  6. Range: The range of PT boats varied depending on the model and the conditions, but they were generally capable of traveling up to 500 miles (800 kilometers) on a single tank of fuel.
  7. Armor: PT boats for sale had little or no armor protection, making them vulnerable to enemy fire.

Overall, U.s. Navy PT boats were fast, maneuverable, and highly effective for their size, but they were also fragile and required skilled crews to operate them effectively in combat.

Abandoned Pt Boats

PT boats, or patrol torpedo boats, were small and fast naval vessels used primarily by the United States Navy during World War II. While many PT boats were lost in combat, some were also abandoned for various reasons, including mechanical failures, lack of supplies, and enemy attacks.

In some cases, Abandoned Pt Boats For Sale were intentionally scuttled, or sunk, by their crews to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. For example, after the fall of the Philippines in 1942, American forces scuttled several PT boats to prevent them from being captured by the Japanese.

In other cases, Abandoned PT boats for sale were simply left behind when their crews were evacuated or forced to abandon ship. This was particularly common in the Pacific theater, where PT boats were often used to ferry personnel and supplies between islands.

Today, many of these ABANDONED PT BOATS can still be found on the ocean floor or on remote beaches in the Pacific. Some have been salvaged and restored, while others remain as haunting reminders of a bygone era of naval warfare.

Vietnam Pt Boat For Sale

Vietnam PT Boats for Sale were an integral part of the United States Navy’s operations during the Vietnam War. These small, fast boats were used for a variety of missions, including river patrols, reconnaissance, and interdiction. In this article, we will explore the history of Vietnam PT boats, their design, and their role in the Vietnam War.

History of Vietnam PT Boats

The concept of PT (patrol torpedo) boats dates back to the early 20th century when the US Navy began experimenting with small, fast boats equipped with torpedoes. These boats saw action in World War II, where they were used by the US and its allies for coastal defense, raiding enemy shipping, and other missions.

In the early years of the Vietnam War, the US Navy deployed several PT boats for sale to Vietnam. These boats were based on the World War II-era designs but were modified to suit the unique requirements of the Vietnam conflict.

Design of Vietnam PT Boats:

Vietnam PT boats were designed to be fast, maneuverable, and heavily armed. They were typically around 50 feet long and 20 feet wide, with a draft of around 4 feet. The boats were powered by two or three diesel engines, which gave them a top speed of around 35 knots (40 mph).

The armament of PT boats varied depending on their mission. Most boats were equipped with machine guns, rocket launchers, and 40mm or 20mm cannons. Some boats were also equipped with torpedoes, although these were not as effective in the shallow waters of the Mekong Delta.

Role of Vietnam PT Boats:

Vietnam PT boats played a crucial role in the US Navy’s operations in Vietnam. One of their primary missions was river patrol, where they would patrol the rivers and waterways of the Mekong Delta in search of enemy activity. The boats were also used for reconnaissance missions, where they would gather intelligence on enemy positions and movements.

In addition to river patrol and reconnaissance, PT boats were also used for interdiction missions. These missions involved intercepting enemy supply ships and transport boats, which were often used to smuggle supplies and weapons into South Vietnam.

One of the most famous incidents involving PT boats during the Vietnam War was the “River Rats” incident in 1968. During this incident, a group of PT boats engaged and destroyed several North Vietnamese gunboats that were attacking a US Navy supply convoy. The incident demonstrated the effectiveness of PT boats in river combat and helped to cement their place in US Navy operations in Vietnam.


Vietnam PT Boats For Sale were an important part of the US Navy’s operations in Vietnam. These small, fast boats played a crucial role in river patrol, reconnaissance, and interdiction missions. Their speed and maneuverability made them well-suited to the unique challenges of the Mekong Delta, and their heavy armament made them a formidable force in river combat. While PT boats have largely been replaced by more modern naval technologies, their legacy lives on in the annals of naval history as a testament to the ingenuity and bravery of the sailors who manned them.

Design of PT Boats

PT boats For Sale are designed to be small, fast and maneuverable. They were typically around 80 feet long and had a top speed of about 40 knots. The boats were powered by high-speed diesel engines and had a range of about 1,000 miles.

PT boats were armed with torpedoes, cannons and depth bombs. The most common armament was two or four torpedo tubes used to attack enemy ships. The boats also had a variety of artillery, including machine guns and 20mm and 40mm anti-aircraft guns. Depth bombs were used to attack enemy submarines.

PT boats for sale were built using lightweight materials such as plywood and fiberglass that made them fast and agile. It had a shallow draft that allowed boats to operate in shallow water and pass through narrow channels.

Impact of PT Boats

PT boats, II. It had a significant impact on naval warfare during World War II. Their speed and maneuverability made them difficult targets for enemy ships, and their small size allowed them to operate in areas where larger ships could not go. PT boats were used for a variety of missions, including attacking enemy ships, escorting convoys, and conducting reconnaissance missions.

The most famous PT boat of the Second World War was the PT-109 under the command of John F. Kennedy. In August 1943, the PT-109 was on a mission to attack a Japanese convoy when it was struck by a Japanese destroyer. Kennedy and his crew were forced to abandon ship and swim to a nearby island, where they were eventually rescued.

PT boats for sale also played a critical role in the Pacific theater. They were used to conduct night raids on Japanese ships and to transport troops and supplies to islands beyond the reach of larger ships. PT boats were also used to rescue downed pilots and provide fire support to troops on the shore.

PT boats, II. It was a crucial component of naval warfare during World War II. Their speed, maneuverability and small size made them ideal for a variety of missions, including attacking enemy ships, escorting convoys and conducting reconnaissance missions. PT boats had a significant impact on the outcome of the war and their legacy continues to this day.

Pt 617 Features

PT 617 was a Higgins-class PT boat for sale that saw service during World War II. The boat was launched in April 1945, too late to see action in the war. However, it remained in service with the US Navy until 1958 and was eventually restored and put on display at the Battleship Cove Museum in Massachusetts. Here are some of the features of PT 617:

  1. Dimensions: PT 617 was approximately 78 feet long and had a beam (width) of 20 feet.
  2. Armament: PT 617 was armed with four 21-inch torpedo tubes and several machine guns, including a 40 mm Bofors cannon and several .50-caliber machine guns.
  3. Propulsion: Pt Boats For Sale (PT 617) was powered by three Packard V-12 engines, which produced a total of 4,500 horsepower. The boat had a top speed of approximately 40 knots (46 mph).
  4. Crew: PT boats for sale typically had a crew of 12 to 17 sailors. PT 617’s crew consisted of an officer in command, a coxswain (who operated the boat’s steering), an engineer (who operated the engines), and several gunners.
  5. Hull: The hull of PT 617 was made of wood and was designed to be lightweight and fast. The boat’s shape and construction allowed it to operate in shallow waters and to make tight turns at high speeds.
  6. Radar: PT 617 was equipped with a radar system that allowed the crew to detect other vessels in the area, even in low light or poor visibility conditions.
  7. Communications: The boat was also equipped with a radio system that allowed the crew to communicate with other naval vessels and shore-based facilities.

Overall, PT 617 was a fast and heavily armed vessel that was well-suited to its role as a torpedo boat. While it did not see action during World War II, it played an important role in the US Navy’s operations during the post-war period, and its restoration and display at the Battleship Cove Museum allow visitors to get a glimpse into the history and technology of PT boats for sale during the mid-20th century.

PT boat Boats for Sale Craigslist & PT boats Specs & Pictures

listed in this adverts.

Explore full detailed information & find used PT boats boats for sale near me. ®️ Leader Platform For Sale Boats & Yachts. For more related PT Boats, please check below. We have totally of 100k model PT Boats on our website. PT Boats For Sale $1.1M Owner Lowered Price – WW2 Torpedo PT Boats – 2023 do not forget to share your thoughts about the announcement with us in the comments.

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What does “PT” stand for in PT boats?

“PT” stands for “Patrol Torpedo.”

What was the maximum speed of a PT boat?

The maximum speed of a PT boat was around 40-45 knots (46-52 mph).

How many crew members were typically on a PT boat?

A typical PT boat crew consisted of around 12 men.

What kind of weapons were used on PT boats?

PT boats were equipped with a variety of weapons, including torpedoes, machine guns, cannons, and depth charges.

What was the range of a PT boat?

The range of a PT boat varied depending on the model, but it was typically around 400-500 nautical miles (460-575 miles).

Were PT boats used in any other wars besides World War II?

Yes, PT boats were used in several other conflicts, such as the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

What was the role of PT boats during World War II?

PT boats were used for coastal and open-water patrolling, as well as for torpedo attacks on enemy ships. They were also used for a variety of other tasks, such as delivering supplies and evacuating wounded personnel.

How many PT boats were built during World War II?

It is estimated that around 700 PT boats were built during World War II.

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