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Sardine Carrier For Sale welcome to ads. Sardine Carrier Boats 2023 (Newbert & Wallace) all details below. GRAYLING was built by Frank Rice of East Boothbay, Maine, for use by his brother George Rice in seining for herring and mackerel.

Sardine carrier boats, also known as sardine fishing vessels or sardine purse seiners, are specialized boats used in the fishing industry to catch and transport sardines. Here are some general details about sardine carrier boats:

  1. Size and Design: Sardine carrier boats can vary in size, ranging from small vessels to larger industrial-scale ships. Their design typically includes a spacious deck area for fishing operations, storage holds for preserving the catch, and machinery for handling nets and hauling in the catch.
  2. Purse Seine Nets: Sardine carrier boats often employ purse seine nets, which are large nets that can be encircled around a school of sardines. The bottom of the net is then drawn together, forming a “purse” to capture the fish. Purse seine nets are equipped with floats on the surface and weights on the bottom to ensure proper positioning.
  3. Storage and Preservation: Sardines are highly perishable, so sardine carrier boats have onboard facilities to ensure the catch remains fresh. These facilities may include refrigerated storage holds or freezing capabilities to maintain the quality of the sardines until they are offloaded at the processing facility.
  4. Processing Equipment: Some larger sardine carrier boats may have onboard processing equipment to clean, gut, and pack the sardines for immediate preservation. This enables efficient handling and preparation of the catch while at sea.
  5. Navigation and Communication Systems: Sardine carrier boats are equipped with navigation systems such as GPS, radar, and sonar to assist in locating schools of sardines. They also have communication systems like radios or satellite phones to maintain contact with other vessels and onshore operations.
  6. Safety and Crew Facilities: Sardine carrier boats are designed with safety features, including life-saving equipment, fire suppression systems, and emergency communication devices. These vessels also provide accommodation and facilities for the crew, such as sleeping quarters, dining areas, and sanitary facilities.

It’s important to note that specific details about sardine carrier boats can vary depending on the size of the vessel, technological advancements, and the practices followed by different fishing companies or regions.

In 1920 she was sold into the sardine industry where she spent the next seven decades as a cannery owned carrier out of Eastport, Maine.

Sardine Carrier Sor Sale

Plans were produced for GRAYLING as an historical documentation of her construction prior to her restoration and conversion to yacht use in 1996. Further drawings were made of her accommodations as converted.

Many sheets were produced, including lines plan, original construction and layout, yacht accommodations, pilothouse, and sail plans. Sardine Carrier For Sale below.

Newbert & Wallace Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1948  
Manufacturer: David Jones Yacht Brokerage
Price: US$150,000  

GLENN GEARY is one of the last of the classic sardine carriers. She is based on a traditional model of sardine carrier of which few remain today. GLENN GEARY was built by the reputable Newbert & Wallace shipyard in Thomaston, Maine in 1948.

Double ended sardine carriers such as GLENN GEARY, built by Newbert & Wallace, are known for their stunning good looks, excellent craftsmanship, superb sea-keeping abilities and reliability as a “good little work boat.”

This well known sardine carrier worked the waters of coastal Maine under her original name – JOYCE MARIE. She was built for the famous Stinson Cannery, a herring packing company located in Maine. GLENN GEARY is currently documented and registered as a fishing vessel and was still working up until September of 2007 when her herring career ended.

She has since been cleaned out, cleaned up, and refitted at the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard in 2008. To view a 1:40 video of the GLENN GEARY underway at the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard, please visit youtube dot com and search for “Glenn Geary.” Sardine Carrier For Sale technical details below.

Hull Material 
Max Draft 
Engine Make 
Engine Model 
Length Overall 
Engine Hours 
Number of Engines 
8 ft 6 in
Detriot Diesel
69 ft

Contact Information

(207) 236-7048
(207) 230-0177

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Sardine Carrier Boat Hull Plans

Sardine Carrier Boat Hull Plans and all details below.

Scratchbuilt Sardine Carrier (Hull No. 2)

In November of 2004 I completed my first completely new built boat as a gift for my youngest son, and soon after I decided to make one for my other son as well.

These boats are built with three things in mind:
1) They need to be slow and easy to handle by young children.
2) They need to be virtually unsinkable.
3) They must be built as inexpensively as possible.

The plans of this boat are the best option for the right criteria. This thread is from H.H. He will fully describe the construction of the 85′ Atlantic Sardine Carrier “Mowgli” based on Payson’s “Pauline” plans:

The completed model is 31″ long at 1/32 scale, powered by a direct drive 14V Pittman motor ( thanks Tachikaze ) turning a 1.5″ prop. Power is provided by a 7.2V 3300 MAH NiMH battery pack, and the radio is a basic 2ch AM Tower Hobbies system. The ESC is a $15 Futaba MC230 clone I had on hand. (not recommended but see point 3 above)

Just below, you can examine the Hull Plans pictures in detail.

Humble Beginnings.

These plans call for this craft to be built with a bread and butter method. Since I still have all the templates I created the first time around, I decided to go ahead and follow the instructions. Using this method, the body is built in two halves and then glued together.

The half-hull “lift” plans were originally redrawn in CAD and plotted to size, then glued to masonite and cut out.

Armed with two eight foot lengths of 2×4 pine and a table saw, I ripped the wood down into 9/16″ thick planks. I wasn’t too worried about getting a perfectly smooth cut, as a little roughness on the face of the plank gives the glue some “grip”

Building a stuffing tube

The shaft on my motor is 4mm, which just happens to be within a few thousandths of an inch of 5/32″.

The K & S metal center that most hobby shops carry has inch sized telescoping rod and tubing that makes building your own stuffing tube really easy.

Cardan shaft is 5/32″ brass rod length. I purchased the length of each of the next two sizes of telescopic tube separately. I then cut the larger pipe to the length of the filler pipe I needed and cut two 1/2″ lengths of the smaller pipe.

These short lengths were soldered into each end of the stuffing tube, and act as bearings for the shaft.

Next a hole was cut into the stuffing tube near the inboard bearing and a short vertical tube was soldered into place. This will be the “lube tube”, allowing the stuffing boz to be lubricated without removing the prop shaft.

As a final step, the both ends were cleaned up with a file.

Sardine Carrier Glenn-geary

Sardine Carrier Glenn-Geary features and all details below.

Sardine Carrier For SalePin
Sardine Carrier Glenn-geary
  • Title:

Sardine Carriers Glenn Geary and Helen McColl at Southwest Boat Corporation Dock in Southwest Harbor

  • Type:

Image, Photograph

  • Subject:

Structures, Transportation, Marine Landing, Wharf

Vessels, Boat, Sardine Carrier

  • Creator:

Ballard – Willis Humphreys Ballard (1906-1980)

  • Address:

168 Clark Point Road

  • Place:

Southwest Harbor

  • State:


  • Country:


  • Source:

Collection of the Clark Family

  • Rights:

In Copyright

Sardine Carrier Amaretto

Below is the Sardine Carrier Amaretto story. During a cold and harsh winter of 1976-77, I found myself living in a poorly heated house near South Bristol. North Lubec Packaging Co. in 1914). My main goal was to make some money by hauling herring in Penobscot Bay and then, after about a season, remove the 1930s buddha diesel and replace it with something more reliable.

It didn’t go that way. The old buddha reached the South Bristol quay with great difficulty. Like it or not, I had to find another engine.

You can read the rest of this detailed article about Sardine Carrier Amaretto from the link I left below for you. You can get detailed information from there.

Helen Mccall Sardine Carrier

Helen Mccall Sardine Carrier features and all details below.

  • Title: Helen McColl – Sardine Carrier
  • Subject: Vessels, Boat, Sardine Carrier
  • Description:

The “Helen McColl” was named for the daughter of the Seacoast Canning Company manager, Francis P. McColl.

“The vessel “Helen McColl” “was often referred to as the “Queen” or “Flagship” of the Seacoast [Canning Company] fleet. She had fine lines, was long and narrow with two masts and no wheelhouse.” She was similar to the “Mildred McColl” built in 1913 and named for Helen’s mother, Mary Permelia “Mildred” (Smith) McColl.

She was originally built [in 1911 by the Adams Ship Building Company at East Boothbay, Maine as a “knock about” schooner to be used to freight lobsters from Nova Scotia to Boston.

She was 65 feet, seven inches long on the keel and 16 feet, six inches wide and built with natural-growth timbers. She was powered with an auxiliary engine and sails on her two masts. In 1912 she had work done to her in Lepreau, N.B.

In 1954, the Seaboard Packing Co. was sold to Stinson Canning Co. and they took over ownership of the “Helen McColl.” Her new Master was Kermit Thurston and he ran fish to Stinson’s factories in South West Harbor, Bath and Prospect Harbor, Maine.” – “Masts and Masters:

A Brief History of Sardine Carriers and Boatmen” by John D. Gilman, published by John D. Gilman, 1993, p. 60-63. See the book for an extensive history of the McColl’s seagoing life and masters.

“1911, 65’7” x 16’5” x 6’6” at East Boothbay for Seabord Packing Co. of Eastport. 36 Gross x 17 Net, call WAS757, No. 208535. Some of the skippers who worked her were Liscomb Hartford, Sumner Hartford, Ott Cline, Ned Hallett, Hal Grew, Sam Herley, Art Sirles, Heber McNeil.

Arnie Cline in summer of 1918 ran her with Somerville Anderson. It has been recorded that the three master “Lillian E. Kerr,” the lumber schooner out of Machias, was towed through Lubec Narrow to a safe anchorage in Johnson’s Bay by the “McCall,” ahead of a bad spell of weather. In the middle 1960’s she was running fish to Bath.

In the old days she made occasional pleasure trips across to N.S. to the Annapolis Valley cherry picking rinktums and shin digs. She was sold to Pacific Northwest.” – Sardine Carriers and Seiners of the Maine Coast compiled and written by Paul E. Bennett, The St. Pierre Doriman, p. 31 – 1992 with additions from “Canned: A History of the Sardine Industry,” Part II, by John Gilman, privately published, September 2003, p. 30.

Sardine Carrier Beryl Camden

We plan to add the Sardine Carrier Beryl Camden to our article next time. Other details can be found below. please continue reading

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Sardine Carrier

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What is the Price of Sardine Carrier Boat?

Sardine Carrier price ranges from $25,000 to $1,300,000.

Who is the manufacturer of Sardine Carrier?

The manufacturer of Sardine Carrier is David Jones Yacht Brokerage.

Do Sardine Carrier Boats have another name?

Another name for Sardine Carrier Boats is Newbert & Wallace.

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