Best Shapewear To Hide Belly Button – 2023

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Best Shapewear

Want to know the secret of a flat tummy or flattering backside? Shapewear! Ask any woman you know and we can bet she owns at least one pair of shapewear! As women, we often times know the struggle with have a lower belly pooch, especially after having kids, so today we wanted to share some of the Best Shapewear for lower belly pooch.

While you can try to diet and work on your fitness routines, results don’t happen overnight and might take a while to see a difference in your appearance.

A more straightforward fix while you work towards these goals is to wear shapewear. And even some of the most fit people in the world still wear shapewear! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel a bit more supported and smooth out your belly, butt or any other part of your body with some shapewear.

Shapewear will pull in the areas of fat you’re trying to hide to provide a fantastic hourglass figure and smooth-looking skin. However, searching for the right shapewear can be a little confusing.

There are plenty of options and styles to choose from on the online marketplace. To make your life a little easier, we’ve provided our Best Shapewear for lower belly pooch recommendations that actually work, so you don’t have to waste your money or time trying products that won’t help you.

Best Overall Tummy Shapewear – Spanx Oncore Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

If you’re looking for the Best Shapewear to slim down your tummy area, Spanx has a top-notch product to offer. Spanx works hard to pull in back and tummy fat. This shapewear is lightweight, powerful, and comfortable to wear.

It has bonded tummy panels which helps flatten your tummy and has an open bust so you can wear your own bra. It has adjustable straps as well as booty-enhancing pockets so you won’t get an unflattering uni-butt.

Pros: Lightweight Quality, Zip-Design, Comfortable

Cons: Not Machine Washable, Not Breathable

Best Plus Size Tummy Shapewear – Spanx Plus Size Women’s Oncore Shapesuit

Like the Bodysuit above, the Spanx Plus Size Oncore mid-thigh bodysuit sculpts your waist, tummy, thighs, and back. The Spanx shape suit provides multiple sizing options to choose from to fit most women.

Pros: Lightweight Quality, Zip-Design, Comfortable

Cons: Not Machine Washable, Not Breathable

Best Cami Shapewear – Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Women’s Comfort Devotion Cami

This breathable cami shapewear is created out of elastane and polyamide, which works to slim down your body shape and eliminate your tummy fat. The Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Women’s Comfort Devotion Cami is light and comfortable, allowing you to wear it for long periods of the day without feeling lightheaded.

While the cami focuses on the back and tummy area, it offers a lot of flexibility around the chest, making it a perfect option for larger-chested women. It is one of Amazon’s best sellers in shapewear with almost 7k reviews!

Pros: Soft, Lightweight, Breathable, Firm Fit

Cons: Hard to put on, not machine washable

Best Thigh Shapewear – Leonisa Tummy Control Shaper Short For Women

The Leonisa Tummy Control Shaper Short for Women is a pro at pulling in your thigh fat to stop your thighs from rubbing, eliminating rashes. Besides targeting your thighs, this shapewear hits your backside and tummy area to help create a beautiful hourglass figure.

It provides moderate compression, which is comfortable for all-day use. Leonisa uses SkinFuse which is a seamless technology so you won’t have any seams that will be shown through your clothes!

Pros: Great for thighs, Easy to put on, maximizes airflow

Cons: Expensive, limited sizing

Best Inexpensive Shapewear – Gotoly Women Body Shaper High Waist Control

If you want to dive into the world of shapewear but don’t want to spend a ton of money, check out Gotolys shapewear. The Gotoly Women Body Shaper High Waist Control‘s non-latex material is comfortable and helps control the lower belly area.

At the same time, its moisture-wicking ability makes sure to absorb any sweat while keeping you cool throughout the day. Gotolys shapewear is cute and slimming in all the right places.

It also smooths and bumps or bulges along your butt or thigh making this a great option for anything from dresses to pencil skirts! Comes in both black and beige.

Pros: Inexpensive, Easy to wear, Comfortable

Cons: Low compression level, Thin material

Best Workout Shapewear – Loday Waist Trainer

This high-quality Loday Waist Trainer is the perfect addition to your shapewear collection. It’s created with top-notch materials, including spandex and cotton, which is perfect to use during workouts or active periods. This shapewear stays in place during vigorous movement while providing comfort and hiding any back or belly fat.

Pros: Easy to use, comfortable, perfect for workouts

Cons: Sizing is confusing

Shapewear Buying Guide

Before you purchase your shapewear, consider these factors to ensure you’re making the best decision for you and your body.

Usage Of The Shapewear

How frequently you plan to use your shapewear can determine the type of shapewear you need to purchase. Will you only wear your shapewear during a special occasion, like birthday dinners or holidays?

Do you plan to wear it on an everyday basis? How often you use your shapewear will determine the level of support and compression you’ll need. Hint: You’ll want less compression in your shapewear if you’re going to wear it for more extended periods.

Material Of The Shapewear

Now that you know the type of compression you need, you’ll need to choose between heavy or lightweight materials. Both have their advantages. Heavier fabrics will provide the ultimate compression and sucks in any excess fat. On the other hand, lightweight fabric provides a lighter compression and works to smooth everything out.

Pay Attention To Sizing

If you choose the wrong size for your shapewear, it’s not going to work the way you intend it to. For example, if you size up, you’re not going to see any result, as the compression won’t work well, making the product useless.

If you instead aim to go smaller in size, you’re going to have a lot of discomfort and unwanted bulges. Make sure to pay attention to the sizing guide available with your shapewear, and always try it on if you can before purchasing.

Types Of Shapewear

There are a few different types of shapewear to choose from that have different goals associated with them. Here are a few of the common types

1. Bodysuits: They look like a one-piece bathing suit. Bodysuits work to smooth out all areas of your body, including the tummy, back, hips, and butt.

2. Tummy Control High-Waist Shorts: They work to pull in your tummy and back to provide shaping and lifting of your stomach. They do not change your hips or butt.

3. Camisoles: Camisoles are light in the compression area. They’ll provide a flattering and defined appearance.

4. Thigh Slimmer: Thigh slimmers will target your thighs, tummy, backside, and hips. They have firm control, which means they’ll effectively slim your waist and tummy area.

5. Waist Cincher: Waist cinchers are not corsets. They work to lift your chest and pull at the waistline.

Advantages Of Wearing Shapewear

  • Improves Your Appearance: Shapewear helps slim down your figure in all of the right places, such as the thighs, bust, hips, and waist. You’ll instantly see an hourglass figure that will work well with dresses or everyday attire. This is an easy way to see a difference in your body without losing weight or seeing a surgeon.
  • Builds Self-Esteem: When you wear shapewear, you will see a figure that you love, which can help change your attitude about yourself or losing weight. Seeing a figure that you love and want to attain naturally encourages you to keep working towards your weight loss goals and a healthier diet.
  • Improves Posture: The shape and elasticity of shapewear pull your back into a firmer and straighter position. This can help alleviate back pain and improve your walking or sitting posture.
  • Inexpensive: Shapewear is not a costly item to add to your shopping list. Thankfully, most brands offer lower price tags, even the premium brands, which makes shapewear accessible to most women.
  • Easily Hidden: No one will know that you’re wearing shapewear unless you tell them. Most companies have created shapewear that hides underneath your clothing and matches your skin tone so that you can wear it all day without standing out.

Women love shapewear for its ability to provide an hourglass, beautiful figure without having to lose weight naturally, diet, or invest in surgery. Shapewear can make you look skinnier, smooth out back fat, create a smaller waist, and shape your butt.

It can also increase your self-esteem and encourage you to attain a healthier lifestyle. Choose the Best Shapewear for a lower belly pooch that feels best for your comfort, happiness, and overall body shape goals.

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How Does Shapewear Work?

Shapewear works as a natural compression to hide the fat you don’t want others to see. It puts pressure on areas such as your waist and stomach to create an hourglass figure and hold fat in.

Does Shapewear Help In Losing Weight?

Wearing shapewear will not make you lose a lot of weight. You may see a little bit of a decrease if you are prone to sweating from wearing tight garments. However, it does not compare to regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Can You Wear Shapewear Every Day?

While shapewear won’t do any permanent damage to your body, you’ll want to forgo wearing them every single day for an extended period. When you wear tight fabric for a long time, it can damage your nerves, squeeze your digestive tract, and cause acid reflux.

How Long Should You Wear Shapewear?

You should limit the length of time you wear your shapewear to a maximum of eight hours a day. Make sure to take it off before bedtime, as you should not wear it at night.

How Do I Maintain My Shapewear?

There are three easy steps to maintain your shapewear. First, you need to make sure you have multiple shapewear pieces so that you’re not wearing the same one every day. Having at least three to four is ideal if you wear them on a daily basis. Second, when you’re not using your shapewear, make sure to dry it flat and hang it up in your closet so it doesn’t lose its shape. Third, make sure to wash your shapewear according to the instructions on the tag of your garment. You should wash it after two to three uses.

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