Chicago Sailing Lessons, San Francisco Sailing Lessons, Bay Area

We have carefully prepared the Chicago Sailing Lessons and San Francisco Sailing Lessons list. We review this list together and find the right one for you. We also review services and information about Los Angeles, Bay Area and Marina Del Rey below. Just beforehand, we have prepared short answers to the questions of what sailing means and what its types are.

How To Sail? A sail is a tool/equipment that uses wind acting on sails, sails or kites to move a watercraft on the surface of the water. Sailing types are as follows;

  1. Fleet Racing
  2. Match Racing
  3. Team Racing
  4. Offshore & Oceanic Sailing
  5. Para World Sailing
  6. Cruising
  7. Expression Events
  8. Radio Sailing

Chicago Sailing Lessons

Chicago Sailing Lessons are mostly taught by professional companies. We have listed the best ones among these companies for you. We also added their phone numbers, websites and addresses on Google Map in a table. Let’s examine together.

  • 3rd Coast Cruising
  • Two Brothers Sailing Adventures Chicago
  • Sail Chicago
  • Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Foundation
  • Northwestern University Sailing Center
  • KnockOut Charters
  • Smelly Onion Sailing
1) 3rd Coast CruisingChicago Sailing LessonsPin+18667245373Address
2) Two Brothers Sailing Adventures ChicagoChicago Sailing LessonsPin+16308161427Address
3) Sail ChicagoChicago Sailing LessonsPin+13124099000Address
4) Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing FoundationChicago Sailing LessonsPin+13127477684Address
5) Northwestern University Sailing CenterChicago Sailing LessonsPin+18474914142Address
6) KnockOut ChartersChicago Sailing LessonsPin+13126139799Address
7) Smelly Onion SailingChicago Sailing LessonsPin+13127187110Address
Chicago Sailing Lessons

San Francisco Sailing Lessons

San Francisco Sailing Lessons, like the previous location, provides training provided by experts. Let’s examine the list of trainers who have devoted their years to this job and the training places in this location below.

  • Modern Sailing School & Club
  • Sailing San Francisco
  • Adventure Cat Sailing Charters
  • Captain Kirk’s San Francisco Sailing
  • Alameda Community Sailing Center
  • Golden Gate Yacht Club
  • The San Francisco Sailing School
Chicago Sailing LessonsPin
San Francisco Sailing Lessons
1) Modern Sailing School & Club+14153318250Address
2) Sailing San Francisco+14156028416Address
3) Adventure Cat Sailing Charters+14157771630Address
4) Captain Kirk’s San Francisco Sailing+16509300740Address
5) Alameda Community Sailing Center+15106299282Address
6) Golden Gate Yacht Club+14153462628Address
7) The San Francisco Sailing School+14152599801Address

Sailing Lessons Bay Area

Sailing Lessons Bay Area has a wide range of different companies. Again, we have listed the best ones along with their contact information.

  • Untethered Sailing
  • Edgewater Marine
  • Compass Rose Yacht Charters
  • Adventure Cat Sailing Charters
  • Riptide Charters
  • Go Fish Santa Cruz Charters
  • Cal Sailing Club
Chicago Sailing LessonsPin
Sailing Lessons Bay Area
1) Untethered Sailing+16693170197Address
2) Edgewater Marine+16507669155Address
3) Compass Rose Yacht Charters+15102547106Address
4) Adventure Cat Sailing Charters+14157771630Address
5) Riptide Charters+16508975083Address
6) Go Fish Santa Cruz Charters+18312346155Address
7) Cal Sailing ClubNot availableAddress

Sailing Lessons Los Angeles

This list we have prepared for Sailing Lessons Los Angeles consists of expert companies where the most professional instructors provide training for you.

  • OnBoat
  • Sunglow Sailing Charters
  • Blue Pacific Yachting
  • Sunglow Sailing Charters
  • Marina Del Rey Boat Rentals
  • LA Sailing
Chicago Sailing LessonsPin
Sailing Lessons Los Angeles
1) OnBoat+18445002628Address
2) Sunglow Sailing Charters+17143934224Address
3) Blue Pacific Yachting+13103057245Address
4) Sunglow Sailing Charters+17143934224Address
5) Marina Del Rey Boat Rentals+13103064444Address
6) LA Sailing+14249660169

Adult Sailing Lessons

Adult Sailing Lessons is included in a very wide range of services depending on its content! Among the categories of different companies with many features and advantages. Are you an expert sailor who has been around for years, or are you just a beginner who is curious about sailing? No matter what position you are in, you can reach the level you want with many of the dozens of companies we have listed.

Chicago Sailing LessonsPin
Adult Sailing Lessons

US Sailing is one of these companies. The training types of this company, which provides training and education in 4 different fields: Small Boat (i.e. daily sailing), Keelboat, Powerboat and Windsurfing.

List of staff

  • Name: Andrew Clouston
  • Position: SVP Programs & Services
  • Name: Betsy Alison
  • Position: Adult Director
  • Phone: 401-342-7914
  • Name: Nancy Mazzulli
  • Position: Adult Programs Outreach Coordinator
  • Phone: 401-342-7961
  • Name: Karen Davidson
  • Position: Adult Program Coordinator
  • Phone: (401) 342-7934

Other Services at US Sailing

  • Certification Courses
  • First Sail
  • Adaptive Sailing
  • Safety At Sea
Other Services in Adult Sailing
  • Adaptive Sailing
  • Safety at Sea Courses
  • Sailing Certification Courses & Endorsements
  • SAS Attendance Lookup
  • US Sailing Approved Moderators
  • Become a Safety at Sea Moderator
  • Find a Course Near You
  • Safety at Sea Resources
  • First Sail

Sailing Lessons Marina Del Rey

Sailing Lessons Marina Del Rey includes some of the sailing companies we mentioned above and whose contact information we have listed.

Chicago Sailing LessonsPin
Sailing Lessons Marina Del Rey

When you visit Marina del Rey, do not forget the fun activities such as rowing to breakfast. It will also enable you to have the best sailing experience.

We have listed companies in Chicago Sailing Lessons, San Francisco Sailing Lessons and other areas. If you have any questions, feel free to join us in the comments. Finally, you can also watch the video below.

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