360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review: Bulwark of functions for €294 at USA dealers

360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review, Specs & Price: You can get the flat 360 S10 vacuum robot from the German dealer Odiporo for only €294To do this, you must redeem the odiporo-bindabei voucher in the shopping cart.

Voucher odiporo-bindabei / Highlights of the 360 ​​S10:

  • Flat design
  • object detection
  • Good cleaning performance on hard floors

When Ecovacs launches a vacuum robot like the Ozmo T9 with 3D obstacle detection, the competition is wide awake and alarmed. So it was only a matter of time before 360 ​​Smart Life, former smartphone maker and now internet security giant in China, catches up technologically. Et voilà, the new 360 S10 detects small obstacles such as cables, socks, shoes and more. Our test shows how well this works.

360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review, Specs & Price

  • Specifications: Comparison to Deebot Ozmo T9+
360 S10360 S10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner product imagePinEcovac’s Deebot T9 (+)
Price without offer approx.599€699 without, €899 with suction station
suction power3300 pa3000 pa
navigationTriple-eye LiDARs with dToF technologydToF laser sensor with TrueDetect 3D 2.0
apartment360 Robot ( AndroidiOS )Ecovacs Home  ( Android ,  iOS )
volume45, 50, 57, 67 dB with increasing suction level47, 51, 57, 67 dB with increasing suction level (four levels)
dust chamber/water tank0.5L / 0.52L0.42L/0.2L
loading time5 hours5 hours
working hours3 hours3 hours
battery pack5000mAh5200mAh Li-Ion
Dimensions35.0×35.0x8.5cm 35.3 x 35.3 x 9.3 cm
gradients25°, up to 2 cm25°, up to 2 cm
CE markwith EU availability yesYes
featuresMapping with map storage of up to 10 floors
selective room division (each room can be controlled individually with wiping and/or vacuuming)
Mop function with electric water tank
Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home (probably not in DE)
Carpet detection (automatically increases suction and avoids carpets when mopping)
3D obstacle detection of small objects (~1 cm)
TrueMapping 2.0 with map storage of multiple floors (three)
selective room division (each room can be controlled individually with wiping and/or vacuuming)
Ozmo Pro mopping function with electric water tank and oscillating mopping plate
Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Detect 3D 2.0 technology
air freshener

Scope Of Delivery

A fine, brown box is waiting to be opened to receive the new “pet”. The robot survives the journey from China completely untroubled, at most with a little jet lag. But the packaging is not the problem, everything is packed safely and neatly.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Howdy S10! 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review, Specs & Price

In addition to the robot, the package includes:

  • Charging station with charging cable and umpteen adapters (EU adapter already attached)
    • Cable management on the back
  • Mop attachment with attached microfiber cloth
  • small cleaning tool under flap
  • Operating instructions in various languages, including German

That’s it already! A few replacement brush heads, additional wipes, a remote control or a water-collecting mat would have been nice, but we already know from 360 Smart Life that the scope of delivery is not particularly generous. After crowdfunding, spare parts and accessories can then be found in the usual China shops.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The scope of delivery contains only the absolutely necessary. / 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

Normally I get nervous when I see the adapters that come with it and I dig my own EU adapter out of the drawer, but this construction here is safer than you know from other China deliveries.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The EU adapter is firmly in place and is not cheaply made, so everything is fine. / 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

Personal criticism: where are the S6 Pro‘s minion eye stickers that could be used to create a ” driving minion “?

Design: 360 S10 hides the main sensor in the body

You unpack a pretty little guy here, no question. But for models above €400, they also have to score points in terms of feel and workmanship. I’m still missing a bit of material quality and fineness in the lines. Roborock is getting further and further ahead here, placing more and more value on small design gimmicks in addition to technology.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
A sensor with a company symbol is clearly visible on the top front.
360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
LEDs circulate when the robot starts./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

The S10 can hide its main sensor in the case when approaching an obstacle. So we do have a unique design feature after all. However, a height of 8.5 cm is more than would potentially be possible. The Dreame F9 without LDS but with an optical sensor is only 8.0 cm high. However, the development towards flat vacuum robots, which has been noticed more and more lately, is still correct and the  3D obstacle detection is a very elementary step.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The 3D sensors enable the S10 to be flat with a height of only 8.5 cm.

Below the distinctive sensor are two control elements typical of vacuum robots. If you press the button with the charging cable symbol once, the S10 automatically returns to the charging station. If you hold it down for a few seconds, you activate spot cleaning, in which the robot cleans in a small radius around you.

A short, single press of the power button starts and stops the robot, holding it down for 3 seconds turns the S10 on and off. If you hold down both buttons on the top, you reset the network connection.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The controls light up when the robot is switched on. This light can be switched off in the app.

Like its predecessors, the S10 works with just one brush head, which is not a disadvantage compared to models with two brush heads if navigation and operation are good. Since the S10 is also to be sold throughout Europe, there is also a CE mark on the underside – but not on all delivery contents.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The bottom of the robot/ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

Charging station, dust chamber, water tank

The three points in the heading here are a bit unspectacular compared to the rest of the package. So feel free to keep scrolling. The S10 finds the charging station again autonomously after a potential working time of 3 hours (very good value, but measured at the lowest suction level), which did not pose any difficulties in the test phase. Provided you don’t switch them around during cleaning.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
A classic vacuum robot charging station/ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review
360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
With laudable cable management on the back/ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review.
360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Rubber coating on the back prevents possible slipping when the S10 docks at the station.

The charging station is a labeled, but still typical Chinese construction, the cable management on the back is positive here , which means that the charging cable does not get in the way of robots or humans. After a charging time of up to 5 hours, the robot is fully refueled. The dust chamber under the flap on the top offers a potential capacity of 0.5 l, the water tank used at the rear just as much.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The dust chamber is located under the flap on the top./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review
360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The dust chamber offers a potential capacity of 0.5 l./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review
360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
House dust allergy sufferers will be happy about the contact-free emptying option.

Because both the water tank and the dust chamber are integral parts of the robot, you only have to attach the wiping attachment to the underside to activate the wiping function of the S10. The vacuum robot recognizes this automatically and also comments on the attachment.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The water tank is easily removable./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review
360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
360 s10 robot vacuum review

3D obstacle detection and virtual restricted areas

Anyone who already owns or has owned a vacuum robot knows the problem of having to tidy up a little before cleaning a robot vacuum: Children’s toys, shoes and especially cables tend to get caught in the rollers of the small robotic household helpers. The 360 ​​S10 is a real bulwark of functions and sensors that should be able to handle it. How? Because the S10 can recognize the outlines of small objects using a 3D camera (does not take photos or videos).

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The S10 should be able to recognize up to 100 objects with a height of more than 1 cm.

Before there was AI and 3D obstacle detection, the manufacturers invented virtual walls and no-go zones, which in the case of the S10 can also be used again in the 360Robot app (AndroidiOS). This allows you to draw areas on the virtual map of the premises (mapping) and thus exclude them for the vacuum robot. This is already possible with the very first cleaning run, so that less cleaning is required in advance. With 3D recognition, that shouldn’t be necessary anyway.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
With no-go zones, specific areas can be excluded. Even during the first cleaning.

If you look closely, you can see that you can not only draw in the usual squares for the no-go and no-mop zones, but also use circles or pentagons. The more precise, the better. The small obstacles bypassed are counted and displayed in the app. To be honest, I didn’t count, the values ​​shown there seem a bit too high to me. No, way too high.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
37 obstacle detours (see below right)?/ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

Nevertheless, the 3D recognition in my apartment is more than noticeable. The S10 always appears as if it has everything under control and  reliably recognizes most small obstacles. You can’t say that with 100% accuracy, but from my point of view it recognizes the small obstacles even better than the Deebot T9. With the S10, I always felt safe letting it drive several times on its own, despite the fact that the apartment was deliberately not tidy in advance.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The 360 S10 recognizes and avoids its own adapters, among other things.

Visualized carpet boost

Another small highlight for a vacuum robot tester, which is third-rate in terms of performance: If the S10 uses the carpet boost on a carpet, i.e. the automatic increase in suction power to the maximum of 3300 pa, this is even displayed in the app. And it does so by means of a small, rotating icon. Where the suction level can be changed.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
This is also a novelty, if not earth-shattering.

I have a strong feeling that many top manufacturers will buy an S10 to learn from here. Because the functions mentioned so far are far from everything.

The 360 ​​Robot app

Many people have had a lot of fun with the 360Robot app  ( AndroidiOS ) – but also a lot of trouble. Every now and then the app disappears from the PlayStore for inexplicable reasons, but this is said to have been done with the latest app update in May of this year.

In general, the app is not very tidy and not always well translated into German in all places, but it offers so many functions that you quickly overlook the negative points.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
First register, then you can start./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

The WLAN and app integration is quick and easy with Bluetooth, WLAN and location activated on the smartphone. If you still have difficulties connecting, either take a look at this guide or write to us in the comments.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The WLAN and app integration is quick and easy.

Let’s anticipate. If the robot had already driven everything, you would expect the following interface when accessing the S10:

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Costumize your Clean: quick access to different areas from the main page? Cool!

With this type of quick access, you don’t have to first draw a go-to zone on the virtual map, but can have a previously defined sofa, carpet, dining table or other area cleaned afterwards. We’ll almost certainly see this on all new models before long.

Sending the S10 to a specific location is also possible with the virtual remote control, with which you can even “drive on sight” thanks to simultaneous live mapping:

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The virtual remote control/ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

A good method, for example, to show the robot to impressed friends. However, this is only possible if the smartphone and robot are in the same WLAN, i.e. not when you are out and about.

“Cleaning makes me happy”

Before the first cleaning trip, it is advisable to make a few settings. For example, downloading and installing one of many language packs – honestly, you shouldn’t miss that! The DND mode ( DNot Disturb), i.e. the time when the robot does not utter a voice, can also be set.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The 360 S10 speaks German./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

The German language pack brings out the polite (he says please and thank you) but also submissive side of the S10: he always starts his cleaning with the words “cleaning makes me happy “. Very positively adjusted round fellow.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Firmware updates must be downloaded at the charging station and may contain new features or bug fixes.

With the abundance of functions and setting options, you run the risk of forgetting something.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
A lot of setting options within the app

Personally, I like the setting that the S10 only leaves the kitchen and bathroom last to avoid dirt being transported from there to other rooms. In addition, there is a horizontal and vertical deep cleaning for the entrance area, which makes perfect sense with dirty shoes coming in from outside. I’m sure we’ll see both of these settings in many other brands in the near future.

So that as the owner of the S10 you always know what the robot is doing – especially when you’re on the go and it’s working – the S10 sends push notifications, which you can of course turn off in the smartphone settings.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Always in view of what is occupying the S10

For my taste, this is almost too much information, and the 360 ​​robot also comments verbally on everything it does. But he always remains polite and the voice is very refreshing (compared to many other voices recorded in the vacuum robot), so everything is good. If it bothers you, turn it off.

Live mapping with 3D map display (really cool!)

The 360 ​​S10 is not called a smart vacuum robot for nothing, it actually applies to him. So the round household helper first plans his cleaning route before he really gets started. If he notices man-made changes on his route (e.g. a closed toilet door that was previously open), he replans again.

Of course, this is primarily relevant for the first cleaning trips, as he gets to know the four walls better with every trip and further optimizes the route.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
With just a few turns, the S10 knows what my home looks like.

If you want, you can have the robot drive through everything twice the first time so that it gets used to its new home better. This is how the mapping looks “live”:

This is a very precise mapping, but let’s be honest, we’ve seen it in other top models. But what we definitely haven’t seen before is the 3D map display. You can switch between 2D (as in the video you just watched) and 3D (the following video). The 3D map can be called up directly, even after a few meters during the very first cleaning run.

And this is what it looks like:

And because it’s so intriguing, one more thing, a little later in the map-making process:

So that there is no misunderstanding here, because the robot in the app estimates an area of ​​well over 100 m²: I have a fine 80 m² at home, but not 134 m². He misjudged that (hihi).

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The estimated area is not to be taken very seriously./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

Starting and ending at the charging station is important, otherwise you cannot use the selective room layout. Plus: The first trip should take place completely autonomously, without human intervention. All doors should be open.

Selective room division and storey storage

Selective room division means that the vacuum robot independently recognizes the room boundaries of a floor, distinguishes them and displays them in color on the virtual map. These can then be controlled individually – vacuuming, wiping or both at the same time. The suction and wiping intensity can be specified individually for each room. The map can also be rotated in 90° increments. In combination with the 3D view you have a lot of control over your premises.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
On the left you can see how the S10 divided my apartment into rooms./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

For even more clarity and control, you can name the individual rooms and specify the “floor material” laid, as it is called in the app.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Where was my bedroom again? Oh, it says so./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

If you do not agree with the automatic robot division, you can also separate or merge individual rooms. This was necessary for me and is a bit of finger fiddling on the smartphone display (zooming in makes things a lot easier!), but it doesn’t take too long either. Personally, I don’t have any problems with something like that, but it should also be said that I can’t really imagine my parents doing it, despite the reading glasses. The 360 S10 is a little too high-tech to be a “robot for the whole family”. But the S10 doesn’t have that claim either.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Rooms can be divided or merged./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

Up to ten cards can be saved in the app and edited as shown here. In order to be able to use the robot properly on several floors, you can also save three WiFi networks. We didn’t check that, but the last 360 model was able to. So if you have a good neighborhood relationship, you could easily share the S10 with the neighbors below, above and across from you. Could that lead to a dispute? Certainly.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The 360 S10 can theoretically be used on up to ten floors./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

In addition, saved cards are not automatically replaced; the user must do this himself using “Reset card”. If you mark a card with a heart symbol as a favorite, it will remain saved until you return or replace it. So if you plan to use the robot with half your neighborhood, a previous workshop would definitely be appropriate.

Can also be used on carpets

Oh, I almost forgot one important point with all the functions: The suction power of 3300 pa at the highest suction level is sufficient for carpets, the medium suction level is already strong enough for hard floors. The operating volume (45, 50, 57, 67 dB with increasing suction level) is also okay. Of course, the volume depends on the test conditions and the distance from the sound level meter to the robot.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The S10 can also be used well on carpet. Especially thanks to the carpet boost with 3300 pa suction power.

The wipe function: Let’s say it’s okay

The electric vibrating water tank is no longer a world first, which enables the robot to exert some pressure on the floor, as with manual wiping. The amount of water that drips from the water tank onto the microfiber cloth can also be adjusted in the app (three levels). To activate the wiping function, you have to attach the wiping attachment with the attached microfibre cloth to the underside and fill the 0.52 l water tank with – guess what – water.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The wiper attachment with attached microfiber cloth/ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review
360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
This is simply inserted on the underside, the robot recognizes this automatically.
360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Looks like this from below./ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

Everything that should not be wiped can be regulated in the app on the virtual map using the no-wipe zone (draw in the appropriate place). There are also special carpet mode settings so the robot knows how to handle carpets. The S10 can also determine areas in which it should not wipe itself and draw them on the virtual map. Smart little fellow.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Depending on the carpet setting, the S10 automatically draws non-wiping zones on carpets.

Although these modes are still in the beta phase, they already worked for me without any problems.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
/ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

Stubborn, deep-seated stains stay where they are. Regardless of the water flow level, the wiping function does a decent job on the surface, but in no way replaces manual wiping with a mop. You have to lower your expectations significantly if you want to use the wipe function of the S10. Fortunately, wiping is not one of the main functions or selling points of the round household helper.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
The wiping function is sufficient for superficial cleaning, but nothing more.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to send the S10 through the four walls with a drop or two of floor cleaner every now and then. But if you are looking for a robot vacuum that wipes really well, you should take a look at the Roborock S7.

Conclusion: The best vacuum robot?

No, the headline is not lurid, but quite appropriate as a question. You can never complain about the price of the 360 ​​models, but rather about the app, which has occasionally caused difficulties in the past.

So the S10 was clearly in our test as a contender for the best model of 2021. And if you are looking for a bulwark of features with strong hardware, the S10 is a very good choice. Really really good. I always enjoy vacuum robot tests, but the S10 is something very special.

360 s10 robot vacuum reviewPin
Thanks to 360 Smart Life for this cool vacuum robot!/ 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review

In terms of functionality, the S10 is currently unmatched by any model. At most, one could complain about the mediocre wiping function and the material used. All in all, an extremely exciting household helper. What do you think of 3D obstacle detection? 360 s10 Robot Vacuum Review video below:


  • 3D small obstacle detection really works
  • 3D map display
  • umpteen (app) functions, detailed mapping
  • Navigation, working methods and dealing with obstacles


  • Wipe function could be better for the price range
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